RandoMonday: Worlds’ Finest #10

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Worlds’ Finest #10 by Paul Levitz (writer), Kevin Maguire (artist), Rosemary Cheetham (colorist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), and Maguire & Cheetham (cover)

While this series hasn’t exactly set the comic book world on fire, there’s something about these two characters as written by Paul Levitz that I’ve enjoyed (despite that awful Power Girl costume which, thankfully, was changed later). The Kevin Maquire art didn’t hurt (though he’s no longer working on the book–more’s the pity). In fact, Maguire does some interesting viewpoints this issue, and the looks on Power Girl’s face that he draws in this issue are funny and expressive. Not much goes on in this issue: something about the duo looking for intel on Michael Holt, and then, weirdly shoe-horned in is a “Requiem” sequence where Huntress grieves over her not-brother Damien’s death. Like I said, not something that is great by any means, but I enjoy these two characters.

4/3/13 Comics Review, Part 2

I talk about the following comics:

  • Indestructible Hulk #6
  • Legends of the Dark Knight #7
  • Masks #5
  • Miss Fury #1
  • Shadowman #6
  • Superior Spider-Man #7
  • Swamp Thing #19
  • Thanos Rising #1
  • World’s Finest #11

Podcast Episode 33: 52 Pickup, Part 1

This time I just talk about some comics. Specifically, I discuss the following DC New 52 family of titles:

  • Justice League
  • Superman
  • Batman


Thanks for listening!

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Podcast Episode 30: San Diego Comic-Con News and Comic Talk

For your New Comics Wednesday enjoyment, Travis & I talk about a lot of things, including

  • Marvel NOW! (4:20)
  • San Diego Comic-Con news (19:25)
  • DC’s Second Wave of titles (1:05:13)
    • Batman, Incorporated
    • Dial H
    • Earth 2
    • GI Combat
    • Ravagers
    • Worlds’ Finest
  • Five independent titles (1:28:33)
    • Revival
    • The Massive
    • Saga
    • The Hypernaturals
    • Danger Club

This will be a spoiler-filled discussion–you have been warned!

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