Retro Review: Adventure Comics #459

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Adventure Comics #459

Pulled from the longbox, I talk about Adventure Comics (v1) #459 (cover date September/October 1978). This dollar comic format featured six “all-new super-star features,” including the Flash, Deadman, Green Lantern, the New Gods, Elongated Man, and Wonder Woman. Let’s find out if it’s really a “fabulous first issue–launching the most exciting new comic of the decade!”

Adventure Comics #459 back cover
Back Cover

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Podcast 128: Justice League Movie Discussion

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Travis ( returns to the show to chat with me about the Justice League movie. Warning: spoilers abound!

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Podcast Episode 107: Top 5 Magic Characters

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Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Just in time for Halloween, Travis joins me to discuss our favorite magical comic book characters. Who will make the cut? Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange? Etrigan or Hellboy? Listen to find out! But first we briefly talk about the passing of Steve Dillon and then chat about the fantastic artist who’s coming to the 2017 Emerald City Comicon: José Luis García-López!

Who are your favorite magical characters? Let us know!

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A Waste of Time? Really?

I heard a person on a podcast the other day complaining that Legend of Wonder Woman, if it wasn’t official continuity, was a waste of time to read. I don’t get that. I guess I’ve always subscribed to the thought that stories are malleable and can be enduring (at least the good ones) and withstand (and can even be strengthened by) interpretations and new takes on the existing tropes. I like what Renae De Liz & Ray Dillon are doing with WW’s origin. Plus, if enough people respond positively to it, the story could become continuity. Why dismiss the premise out of hand?

RandoMonday: Wonder Woman #2

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Wonder Woman (2011) #2 by Brian Azzarello (writer), Cliff Chiang (artist and cover), Matthew Wilson (colorist), Jared K. Fletcher (letters), Chris Conroy (asst. editor), and Matt Idelson (editor)

The New 52 relaunch of Wonder Woman continued with this issue, and it contains a doozy of a reveal at the end. But first, Diana returns to Paradise Island with an injured Hermes and impregnated-by-Zeus Zola, whom Diana is protecting. The first reveal of the issue is that Diana’s mother, Hyppolyta, is blond in this new reality (which always struck me as odd for some reason). Zola asks about Diana, and Hermes tells the legend of her birth. Then Strife arrives on the Island, causing the Amazons to attack each other until Diana figures it out. Strife then refers to wanting to embrace her little sister and–dun dun dun!–it turns out to be Diana to whom she is referring! Tune in to #3 for the reaction to that.

Wow, the furor over that reveal was a sight to behold. Purists were outraged at this change in Diana’s origin story, even though it made a lot more sense to me and opened up the story opportunity for Diana to eventually become the God of War, though that aspect seems to have not been as capitalized on as much as I thought it would have been. Personally, I would have been more outraged when we found out what the Amazons did to keep their species alive for all those centuries. Now that’s a revision that doesn’t ring true.

The story for this issue, however, really notched up the plot, characterization (for a lot of folks save Diana), and intrigue. Cliff Chiang’s and Matthew Wilson’s art was phenomenal. This was truly one of the best, if not THE best, New 52 series at the time.