New Comics Wednesday (1/15/20)

Happy New Comics Wednesday!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

My comics

  • OVER MY DEAD BODY GN – A new Jay Faerber comic book!
  • SECOND COMING #6 – Pick of the week! – I’m very curious how this story will end. The premise sounded interesting to me from the get-go (superhero taking Jesus under his wing at God’s request), then it was cancelled at DC Comics, and later it launched at Ahoy. It’s a strange comic in many ways, but that’s one reason I like it.

Interesting that I have two limited series ending and two #3 and #7 issues. I’m not a maths guy, but I love symmetry in numbers (and, really, everything else).

Other comics

  • HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2019 – A part of me still wishes I’d ordered this.
  • CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS GIANT #1 – If this giant has “new” Crisis content, I am VERY curious what it is. I might have to keep an eye out for it at my local Wal-Mart and inspect the comic for, umm, defects or something.
  • LAZARUS TP VOL 06 – You can never go wrong with a Lazarus collection.
  • JESSICA JONES BLIND SPOT #1 – I have a soft spot for Jessica (I’m waiting for the trade).
  • THOR #1 – Considering the great Jason Aaron-written run that just ended was, I’m curious how this will go.
  • COURTNEY CRUMRIN TP VOL 06 THE FINAL SPELL – I’ve only read the first volume (so far), but I quite enjoyed it to the point that I’m keeping an eye out for new content all these years later.

Best comic I read recently

BATMAN #85 by King, Janin, Petrus, Bellaire, Cowles, Daniel, Morey, Wielgosz, Meares, and Rich


The end of the Tom King-written Batman run. I have loved this King run from day 1! Add artistic collaborators Janin and Mann (and others) and we got a delicious helping of Batman comics! It hasn’t been all fantastic — King sometimes overwrite and can be didactic, but he helped create a unique vision of the Batman that we haven’t seen before, at least not to this extent. I’m definitely looking forward to the Batman/Catwoman limited series from King and Mann.

What are you getting this week?

New Comics Wednesday 7/29/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • BATGIRL ANNUAL #3: Grayson guest stars! I had to get it!
  • LAZARUS #18
  • DAREDEVIL #17: I’m going to miss this run.
  • POWERS #4
  • THORS #2: This is runner up for Pick of the Week based on how good issue 1 was.
  • SCARLETT COUTURE #4: Ugh. If there was a category for Comic I’m Dreading Reading, this would be it. I had such high hopes for this series.

Pick of the Week: Honestly? I’m most looking forward to getting that Star Trek magazine and the Enterprice-C figure. Besides the refit Enterprise (and Enterprise-A), the C version is my favorite design, and one that we didn’t see enough in Next Gen and the movies.

Best Cover: Sex Criminals #11 by Chip Zdarsky. If you haven’t caught on, I seem to be drawn to colors and shapes on comic book covers. Yes, all covers have colors and shapes, but I’m referring to things like this cover, where there are few defining characteristics and yet, those simple colors and shapes work to convey an idea. There is a reason for the old adage “less is more”.

Sex Criminal 11


Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?

PS: This is the final New Comics Wednesday post for the foreseeable future. Not that many people read the blog as it is, and these posts get the least amount of traffic. If you really like these posts, let me know, and I may be persuaded to bring them back. Thanks for reading!

New Comics Wednesday 7/22/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • CYBORG #1: They’ve slimmed him down (from his Justice League look) and set him solo! I wonder how this will go? Regardless, it’ll be nice Ivan Reis art.
  • GRAYSON #10
  • INFINITE LOOP #4: Still loving this book.
  • STAR TREK #47: So far, this series episode adaptation (of “The Tholian Web”) is one of the weaker ones that I’ve read.
  • WE ARE ROBIN #2: After reading #1, I’m not sure where this is going, but I’m anxious to read this issue to find out more.

Pick of the Week: I’m mostly looking forward to reading Grayson #10 this week because we get to see what happens when Dick encounters Lex Luthor since the bald man “killed” him!

Best Cover: We Are Robin #2 by Lee Bermejo. I like the shapes of color, most notably red as contrasted by the darker, more muted colors, and the white background. Plus, doesn’t that middle character’s outfit look like a really cool Robin costume?


we are robin 2

Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?

New Comics Wednesday 7/15/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • ASTRO CITY #25
  • DR FATE #2: I think I’ll like the covers more than the interiors.
  • HAWKEYE #22: It’s finally out!
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #42: I cannot wait to read the next chapter of this Darkseid War!
  • LETTER 44 #18
  • MARTIAN MANHUNTER #2: MM vs Supes!
  • REVIVAL #31
  • SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #19: Harley Quinn is everywhere these days, isn’t she?

Pick of the Week: Remember HawkGuy? Remember how cool this book was back in the day? Despite the depressingly long time that it’s been since the first solicitation and now (I read that it’s 40 weeks late?), I still choose Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja. How will this chapter of Clint’s life end? (And how did the most recent volume start with this story not yet finished?)

Best Cover: Look, I know I chose the cover to Revival #30 as a Best Cover one week, but you cannot deny that Revival #31 by Jenny Frison deserves a nod. Holy cats, does that cover just reach out and belly bump you to notice it or what? Creepy. (It also reminds me of something that Terry Moore would do in Rachel Rising, only grittier.)


Revival 31

Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?

New Comics Wednesday 7/8/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • ARCHIE #1: Mark Waid and Fiona Staples on the classic characters? I haven’t read Archie comics (not counting the wonderfully creepy Afterlife With Archie) in decades, but I’ve been hearing about the wonderful stories that the publisher has been putting out there, so I thought I’d give this new number one a shot (at least until Fiona is done on the art).
  • CONSTANTINE, THE HELLBLAZER #2: I enjoyed #1 well enough. Will this take on JC hold my interest?
  • EARTH 2 SOCIETY #2: Based on #1, this title may not be long on my pull list.
  • SIRENS #4: I had such high expectations of this book, but the mediocre story and delays have me not that interested. But the art is pretty.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2: #1 was sort of interesting.
  • SAGA #30
  • SQUADRON SINISTER #2: In #1, I feel like I’ve read this story, or some really close variation, before, but it was still a nice read.
  • STAR TREK: NEW VISIONS 1971/4860.2: This almost made my Pick of the Week. Gary 7 was one of the more interesting characters to appear on Star Trek, and I would have loved to see the series that Roddenberry was trying to sell via the backdoor pilot. I hope Byrne tells a good story with this appearance.
  • STRANGE FRUIT #1: See below.

Pick of the Week: Strange Fruit by J. G. Jones and Mark Waid. There’s something about the description of this book that has me so very interested in it. It’s historical and involves a super being (maybe) and is potentially mythic. When you invoke Of Mice and Men, you immediately have my attention.

Best Cover: Saga #30 by Fiona Staples. It’s pretty and menacing (is that flower growing out of a pool of blood?). It also evokes the Black Mercy plant from the classic Alan Moore Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything”, but I’m probably reading waaayyy too much into this picture.


Saga 30

Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?