Podcast 119: A Conversation with Sean (@ryzingstar50)

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I mentioned Sean in the previous episode and now he’s on the big show to chat with me about all sorts of comic book goodness including binge reading comics, trade sharing, DC Rebirth, Grant Morrison, Sandman, Young Justice, the Treasure Valley Comic-Con, and more! I want to thank Sean again for joining me; I had a great time talking comics and whatnot with him!

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RandoMonday: The Walking Dead v8: Made to Suffer

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

The Walking Dead Volume 8: Made to Suffer by Robert Kirkman (writer), Charlie Adlard (penicller, inker), Cliff Rathburn (gray tones), Russ Wooton (letterer), and Adlard & Rathbun (cover)

Holy cats! This one is pretty much non-stop action! Just when you thought that the Governor was vanquished, he comes back with a vengeance. And the OMG moments don’t stop there. You think Michonne has been killed, Rick is gut shot, and Lori is shot during the escape from the prison, landing on her and Rick’s baby girl. As Rick tries to console his son, the zombies are closing in behind them, and thus endeth volume 8 of The Walking Dead.

Yet another good collection of the series that spawned a popular tv show that I don’t watch. Well, I watched the first season, and never got around to watching anymore of it. My only real complaints are that 1) the real monsters of this story have always been the living, and some times that’s hard to read, and 2) there are so many characters, some of whom look similar enough, that I cannot always tell who is who, especially because I read this series only in trade. Still, this is a really good comic book.

Podcast Episode 76: The Golden Age of TV? Part 1

In this first part of the conversation, I talk with good friend Travis about all sorts of comic book television goodness, including

  • The Walking Dead
  • The Flash
  • Arrow
  • Gotham

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Join us next episode for part 2! Thanks for listening!

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