Pull List Review – January 2021 Comics

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I talk about the following comics I read during January 2021:

  • Superman: The Man of Steel #80-82
  • The Brave and the Bold #177 and 179
  • Giant Days v5
  • SFSX v1
  • Moneyshot v1
  • Dark Ark v3
  • Dark Ark: After the Flood
  • Batman: Three Jokers
  • Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt v1
  • Adventureman v1

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What I’m looking forward to on New Comics Wednesday!

For comics releasing today, these are the ones I’m really looking forward to reading.

CYBER FORCE #1: I never read the original run of this title, but when I heard that the first few issues would be free because of the HUGE response the comic got on Kickstarter, I had to check it out.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #13: Mostly I’m interested in seeing Tony Daniel draw the Justice League. I liked those first few issues of Detective Comics that he did….

MARVEL NOW POINT ONE #1: I am suddenly reminded of the Marvel Point One one-shot that was released some time ago. I wonder if all those glimpses into the future panned out? And will I be asking the same question about this issue?

PETER CANNON, THUNDERBOLT #2: Surprisingly, I really enjoyed issue 1, and am eager to see how that “cliffhanger” reveal ending is resolved.

SWORD OF SORCERY #1: I need to read this so that I can finish my podcast review of the New 52, one-year in. Plus, I was never an Amethyst fan, so this is new territory for me–will I like this book? Stay tuned.

For the complete list of what I’m getting today, see My Weekly Pull page.

What I’m looking forward to on New Comics Wednesday!

You know what I’m excited to read this week? Many of the DC #0 issues (not all of the DC zeroes I’m getting are listed here, however):

  • DETECTIVE COMICS #0: I was surprised I wanted it.
  • EARTH 2 #0: The E-2 trinity? Umm, yes.
  • GREEN ARROW #0: Yes, even this one.
  • PHANTOM STRANGER #0: Despite the fact that Dan Didio’s name is on this, I still am looking forward to it. I wonder if this will be a love it or hate it book?
  • WORLDS FINEST #0: Oh, god, yes! Supergirl and Robin? What can be better?

Plus, there’s PETER CANNON THUNDERBOLT #1 and THANOS QUEST #1. The former because I’ve never read a Peter Cannon comic (I don’t think anyway), and it was only $.99 when I preordered it–why not try it? The latter because I just love Thanos.