Podcast Episode 41: 52 Pickup, Part 2

I complete my look at the DC New 52 titles that I am reading.

This time, I comment on the the following family of titles:

  • Green Lantern
  • The Dark
  • The Edge
  • Young Justice
  • Digital Firsts

This is the first episode recorded using my new Zoom H1 mic so I may sound a bit different. :) Let me know how you like it.

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Thanks for listening!

Direct Download (35:48)

What I’m looking forward to on New Comics Wednesday!

BATMAN #13: The Joker is back and under Mr. Snyder’s skillful pen.

HALLOWEEN EVE: I love Halloween tie-in comics, and this is one of two that I ordered this year.

PHANTOM STRANGER #1: Ok, “looking forward to” is perhaps pushing it, but I am genuinely interested in 1) seeing where DC takes this character now and 2) if the writing improves over the zero issue.

POINT OF IMPACT #1: When I saw this in Previews, I was immediately drawn to the premise.

TEAM 7 #1: Mostly, I’m getting this to see the history of the DCU unfold, but based on the zero issue, I don’t think I’ll stick with this comic beyond six issues. But that’s part of the fun of comics: trying new things and being delighted at times.

UNCANNY AVENGERS #1: Both from a comic book fan and commentator perspectives, how can I not be looking forward to reading this?

The rest of what I’m getting this week is listed here.