RandoMonday: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #232

Here’s a cover image from a comic in my collection, chosen at random.

I bought this at the 2012 Emerald City Comicon, but I have yet to read it. I took the opportunity at that con to fill in many gaps in my collection, and this was one of many Superboy and the LSH books I purchased.

My Comics History: Jan. – March 1980

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these (since last May!). I’ve been so busy just doing Pull List reviews and the LBR podcast that this is always at the bottom of the priority list. However, I’m all caught up until I read the new DC titles that are on their way to me as I type. So, what was part of my comic reading life 31 (!) years ago?

As you will see, my interests turned very clearly towards DC, despite the fact that I started with Marvel titles only a little over a year before. Also, apparently I bought nothing in January (or I’ve simply forgotten). I can’t say now why I gravitated to DC, other than the obvious: I just liked the stories/characters better for some reason.


Action Comics #507: I remember this comic blowing my mind a little. I knew by this point that Superman’s parents were dead, so to have Jonathan Kent back, seemingly alive and well, was a bit trippy. I don’t recall why I picked this up, except for possibly the cover demanded I read this story. It caught enough of my attention that I definitely got the second part of the story.

Best of DC #5: This included the best stories from DC Comics published the previous year. Despite the hefty price (over double cover prices at $.95), it’s still a bargain since I got eight stories. I still remember fondly the Superman and Sgt. Rock team up, the other two Superman stories, and the Batman story. I also recall thinking, who is this Jonah Hex dude? I went on to buy many of these digests from DC.

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #2: Speaking of DC digests, here’s a collection of Flash stories that I still have. Flash has never been a favorite character of mine, although I did enjoy the Wally West run (ahem) from the late 80s. But I did enjoy these stories, and still look at this digest from time to time. Of special note is the first story in the collection which features Carmine Infantino art, and Barry, Wally, & Jay!

New Adventures of Superboy #5: The memory can be tricky. I recall having at least the first issue of this series, but not the next three. This issue, however, I remember quite clearly having. That whole deflecting energy blasts with a piece of fabric (even invulnerable Kryptonian fabric) is something that stuck with me over the years, as in that makes no sense whatsoever. :)

I didn’t buy this then, nor have I ever seen it, but Epic Illustrated #1 (Marvel) came out this same month. I wish I had bought this and the rest of the series.


Action Comics #508: The second part of the return of Jonathan Kent story. I don’t recall the reason for his return, but I do remember that aliens, through their seemingly magic super-science, were able to bring Mr. Kent back to life. Of course, he can’t stay for reasons I also don’t remember. I now must go add these two Action Comics issues to my comic wishlist.

DC Comics Presents #22: I just remember this cover in the spinner racks. Some guy can turn into a comet?! How cool/strange is that? I only got to read that story for the first time when I read the DC Showcase collection last year.

Flash #286: If this is the issue I’m thinking of, I remember wondering how a guy who can control color and having turned Barry Allen white (literally–Barry had to put on make-up to maintain his secret identity) could somehow sap Flash’s powers? But with a cover like that, how can you not want to read it?

New Adventures of Superboy #6: I remember nothing about the story, but how sad is it that Superboy chooses his duty in the big city over his family? Kids . . . .

Superman #348: Another cover that made me want to read the story within. For some reason, I have a huge fondness for this comic, but I don’t really know why because,  as I recall, the story was kind of subpar.

My Comics History: Oct. – Dec. 1979

Let’s finish off 1979 with three months of comics from my past. As you can see, there weren’t very many. I think this is mostly because of two things: 1) the lack of funds coming in because I wasn’t making money from various odd jobs that I could do in the summer and early fall months, and 2) Christmas. I had to save what money I did have to buy my family presents, so no comics for me. :_(

New Adventures of Superboy #1 (Oct.): My first #1 comic. I think that since I read a bit of Superboy in the Legion, I wanted more of that feeling of “this is cool”. Unfortunately, I didn’t always get that feeling with this series, but I did come to appreciate Kurt Schaffenberger’s art.

Marvel Tales #111 (Oct.): I’m pretty sure I had this issue because of that cover. Whenever I think of Tarantula, this is the pose (by the great John Romita) I remember very distinctly.

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #1 (Dec.): Omg, I read the crap out of this digest (and still look at it on occasion). These digests were great ways for new readers to access old DC comics. DC is doing it again to a degree with their DC Comics Presents series, though they’re charging $8 now! :)

What If #19 (Dec.): This is one of my most memorable comics in my collection, and I read this so much that I pulled the cover off and I had to staple it back it on. Seeing an alternate reality of Spidey’s origin was really cool, though I recall the art being inconsistent. I’d like to have a better copy of this issue.

October notables:

  • Adventure Comics #467: The Prince Gavyn Starman debuts. It’s entirely possible that I had this issue, because I do recall owning an issue of Adventure Comics with Starman in it while he was in that horrible red and yellow costume.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #200: Yet another issue that I eventually got later, and a milestone at that.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #259: The final issue of the Legion with Superboy in it, that is, until he returned less than two years later. I just bought this issue recently.
  • Marvel Super Action #15: I wanted to note this issue only because it’s a reprint of an Avengers issue that I have (it’s one of the oldest issues in my collection).

November & December notables:

  • DC Comics Presents #18 (Nov.): I remember this distinctive cover, with those “birds of prey” and what was up with that Zatanna chick?
  • Superman #345 (Dec.): Yet another cover I recall.

On to the next decade!

You call that a costume?

You know how ridiculous Superboy’s “costume” is when it’s made fun of in Tiny Titans:

TinyTitansSuperboyCostumeGagfrom Tiny Titans #34

(See, the kid on the right is actually Zatarra, and the joke of the whole issue is that Superboy and Zatarra look alike, but that’s beside the point. Aww, I guess you had to be there.) :)

My Comics History: June – July 1979

You know, by doing these posts I’m fast realizing just how poor my memory is. It’s depressing. Fortunately, looking at each of these bygone covers also fills me with a little bit of joy from each one. ;)


Fun and Games Magazine #1 (June 1979): OMG! I completely forgot about this comic! I don’t remember anything about what’s inside, but I do remember thinking it was very cool.


Action Comics #500 (July 1979): My first anniversary issue! I really wish I still had this issue. I remember really liking the cover within a cover in a cover concept. But that’s all I can recall about this. Oh, and at some point, I think I stapled the spine to keep the cover on. It’s funny that here I am over 30 years later and Action Comics is about to hit 900.


DC Comics Presents #14 (July 1979): I loved the hell out of this comic. Superman AND Superboy together in one story? And Superboy is trying to kill his future self?! WTF? Okay, it was really Pete Ross, driven a little bit crazy with revenge, who switched bodies with his childhood friend. But this was a good story, and I think the first I’d read where a friend of a hero (Pete) turns bad (at least for a bit). It was only within the last year that I read why Pete was driven to try and kill his friend, and that whole story is pretty good, too from the Showcase Presents collection). And I really love that cover–all the blue and the green just looks cool. I specifically remember taking this comic with me to read when I went to spend a few weeks with my cousin, who lived in the Seattle area.


Marvel Team-Up #86 (July 1979): And here is where I fell in love with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I was introduced to them in Avengers #177, but here I get to know them a bit more. Man, I wish I had this issue too!

As far as I know, those are the comics I bought during this time in 1979, but there are quite a few I recognize as well. First are the ones published in June:

And July:

  • Brave and the Bold #155–Another comic I purchased years later.
  • Green Lantern #121–I never read this, but that cover sure stood out to me.
  • Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #256–Yet another issue I bought later. When I was first introduced to Brainiac 5, he was insane, and I thought that was really interesting.
  • Time Warp #1–This looks really familiar, but I don’t know if it’s one of those covers I’ve just seen a lot over the years, or I actually did see this on the shelves/racks.