RandoMonday: Green Lantern #45

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Green Lantern (2005) #45 by Geoff Johns (writer), Doug Mahnke (pencils), Christian Alamy, Doug Mahnke, & Tom Nguyen (inks), Randy Mayor (color), Rob Leigh (letters), Adam Schlagman (assoc. editor), Eddie Berganza (editor), and Mahnke, Alamy, & Hi-Fi (cover)

This issue is one small chapter in the Blackest Night event, featuring, mostly, a fight between Carol Ferris as a Star Sapphire, and Sinestro. Meanwhile, Black Hand’s black rings are picking up new recruits right and left during the fight scene, and at the end when all of the aliens that Larfleeze has killed rise in service to Death.

There’s nothing really special in this issue, unless you count the bit where we are shown that Sinestro once loved Abin Sur’s sister–I do not know if that is a revelation or merely a recap in this issue. If the former, then that is the WOW moment in this chapter, otherwise, the issue serves its purpose in moving the plot along, albeit slowly. Once again I praise Randy Mayor’s coloring. With so many colors being represented during Blackest Night, Mr. Mayor does a superb job keeping everything straight and making it look good.