New Comics Wednesday (7/6/11)

Here’s what’s coming out this week that I’ll be getting:

  • Adventure Comics #528
  • Batman & Robin #25–This was going to be my last issue of this series until I found out about the DC Relaunch. Now I suppose I’ll get #26 just to see how this volume ends.
  • Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #2
  • Fear Itself #4
  • Flashpoint #3–Looking forward to this series now.
  • Flashpoint: Batman #2
  • Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2
  • Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #2
  • Secret Six #35
  • Spider-Girl #8–The final issue of this series.

I also really want to get the Revolver trade.

DC has updated its website to show which new 52 comics will be released each week. After mulling this over for weeks now, this is how it breaks down for me, with the Maybes meaning I’ll buy the first issue and see (at least for today). :)

Week 1

Definite: Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, Detective Comics, Hawk & Dove

Maybe: JLI, Stormwatch, Swamp Thing

Week 2

Definite: Batwoman, Green Lantern, Red Lanterns

Maybe: Demon Knights, Legion Lost, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad

Week 3

Definite: Batman, Blue Beetle, DC Universe Presents, LSH, Nightwing, Wonder Woman

Maybe: Birds of Prey

Week 4

Definite: Aquaman, Firestorm, JL Dark, Hawkman, Superman, Voodoo

Maybe: All-Star Western, Teen Titans

20 (+10 Maybes) out of 52. I don’t understand why DC wouldn’t want to lead with Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman in the first two weeks, let alone the first week, but maybe they’re doing it this way so the fans who maybe can only get so many titles each week can try out the other, non-Big 3 titles. Who knows?

New Comics Wednesday (6/15/11) + My New DC Comics Line-Up

After my list of comics for this week, check out my rundown of new DC Comics number ones coming in September. Which will I get? Which am I interested in but not sure about? And which ones are a big NO THANK YOU!? Read on . . . .

New Comics This Week

  • Alpha Flight #1
  • Batgirl #22
  • Flashpoint: Deadman & the Flying Graysons
  • Flashpoint: Wonder Woman & the Furies
  • LSH #14
  • Ruse #4
  • Teen Titans #96

Ok, you can check out DC’s September solicitations here, but what’s important is what I’m getting from that list, right? ;) Of course, the ones I am getting may not survive past three issues (ok, maybe 6 because I’m a nice guy) if the creators don’t bring their A game. As it stands, I’m getting 19 titles, 10 are maybes (though Voodoo is dangerously close to being a Yes), and 23 are a no go. This is how it breaks down.

Yes, Please!

  • Justice League: DC’s greatest heroes done by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee? Duh.
  • Aquaman: I’ve never been into Aquaman, but Brightest Day changed that for me. Geoff Johns writing the Sea King sounds pretty good, and with Ivan Reis on art, it’ll be pretty to look at as well.
  • Wonder Woman: I love Wonder Woman.
  • Fury of Firestorm: Again, because of Brightest Day, I really enjoy Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch in the matrix. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Gail Simone is writing this.
  • DC Universe Presents: Oh, hell yeah. I loves me some anthology books.
  • Action Comics: Duh. Grant Morrison. Double duh.
  • Superman: George Pérez possibly doing for the Man of Steel what he did for Wonder Woman in the late 80s is something I have to see. (And I love Superman as a character.)
  • Batman: I’m not all that keen about Scott Snyder–seriously, I know many people loved his run on Detective, but his stuff is so-so to me. Still, going to try it out because I love Batman.
  • Detective Comics: Tony Daniel doesn’t wow me, but I want to see the relaunch of this historic title. I have to admit, I really wanted to buy issue 1000 (but I still may be able to).
  • Batgirl: I’m still a bit bitter that Bryan Q. Miller’s time with Stephanie as Batgirl is over, but, again, Gail Simone is writing Babs Gordon, and Simone knows her best, I think.
  • Batwoman: Been waiting for this for months! Can’t wait to see how artist J.H. Williams III handles writing this book.
  • Nightwing: Anyone who knows me knows I love Dick Grayson no matter what costume he wears. This is yet another duh.
  • Green Lantern: I love the book now and nothing is changing creator-wise, so on with the coolness!
  • Red Lanterns: Pete Milligan writing? Ed Benes on art? Duh.
  • Justice League Dark: Ok, that is the dumbest name for this book. But I love all the characters in it, and it’s written by Pete Milligan. If it wasn’t for that fact, this might be in the next category for me.
  • Animal Man: Loved the 90s series and the character.
  • Hawk & Dove: I have been clamoring for this title for years! YEARS! And then DC gives me Rob Liefeld on art. Still getting it.
  • Blue Beetle: I missed this excellent title the first time around, and I have grown to really like this character.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: I’m almost tempted to NOT get this given how much I haven’t liked the return of Paul Levitz on the current title.

I May Get It (Quite Possibly for One Issue)

  • Justice League International: Very tempted, so I’ll try issue one.
  • Savage Hawkman: I’ve written before how I like Hawkman in general, so I really want to try this.
  • Birds of Prey: Speaking of bitter, I do not want to get this because Gail Simone isn’t writing the title any longer, but Jesus Saiz is on the art. Decisions, decisions.
  • Swamp Thing: Very tempted but only for the character (not the writer–see note under Batman above). I’ll probably get issue 1 at least.
  • Resurrection Man: I have a slight interest in the character, but Abnett and Lanning are writing, and they rock!
  • Demon Knights: Again, slight interest in the characters, and Paul Cornell is writing it.
  • Stormwatch: Wildstorm characters in the DCU proper? Martian Manhunter is with them? Very tempted. Issue one for sure.
  • Voodoo: This seems like something I would like, and it’s written by Ron Marz, so that’s a plus. I get the same vibe from this that I did when Hellblazer came out, but I ignored that impulse then. Should I listen to my gut with this title?
  • Suicide Squad: Love the concept, but not the characters involved.
  • All-Star Western: Not so sure that melding Batman mythos and Jonah Hex in this way is gonna work, but I do like Hex.

No Thank You

  • Flash: I only ever read a Flash comic long-term when Wally stepped into the crimson tights. Barry does not, nor ever did interest me.
  • Captain Atom
  • Green Arrow: This is Oddfellow‘s bag. I like Ollie in a team setting, but not on his own.
  • Mister Terrific: I liked him well enough in JSA, but in his own title? Nothing here excites me.
  • Superboy: This looks lame.
  • Supergirl: I kinda like her new costume, though.
  • Batwing: And I thought Superboy was lame.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight: I think two Bat-titles are enough, though if this story picks up where the current title leaves off, I may pick this up just to finish the arc.
  • Batman & Robin: Damien only worked for when he was with Dick.
  • Catwoman: She is only good when paired with Batman, but that solicitation text is just awful. Addicted to Batman? DC should be ashamed.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws: I wish Jason Todd would just die. Die already!
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians
  • Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: After what Morrison did with this character, I’m intrigued, but not enough to commit to it long-term at this point. I’ll probably get issue one just out of curiosity.
  • I, Vampire: Suck!
  • Grifter
  • Deathstroke
  • OMAC
  • Blackhawks: DC has really stumbled with this one. They should have made it a WW II era title and kept the Blackhawk reputation intact. This will be gone in a flash.
  • Men of War: I never cared for war comics.
  • Teen Titans: For the first time in 30 years, I will not be getting a new Teen Titans book. Red Robin’s costume is kinda neat, though. (Actually, I may get issue one.)
  • Static Shock
  • Legion Lost: The Legion should always be based in the 31st century. I do not like.

Podcast Episode 5: DC Comics Relaunch

As soon as the news broke last week regarding the DC Comics relaunch, Mr. Oddfellow and I wanted to get together and talk about it. Much has happened since last Tuesday’s announcement, but we do talk about our reactions to the news, what we think of the initial 11 titles announced, plus the additional Green Lantern titles that had been announced at the time of recording, and some other stuff along the way as well.

So, I give you Episode 5, my longest recording thus far (1:56:52). I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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Thanks for listening!

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