The Gutters: Post Holiday Blues

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This episode I talk about what I did over Christmas and New Year’s, and I provide some podcast recommendations and some talk about the movies (including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Frozen 2) and tv I’ve watched. Plus, how work’s been going lately.

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The Gutters: 2019-11-16

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This episode I talk about going to Rose City Comicon (for just a day!) with one of my best friends, a family wedding, an ER visit, and a concert trip to Salt Lake City with my daughter. Plus, some podcast recommendations and some movies and tv I’ve watched.

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The Gutters: 5-21-19

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This episode I talk about my health (ugh, right?) and the 7-minute workout, the former City of Heroes secret server and how that may impact the City of Titans development, and my upcoming trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I solicit comic book shop recommendations. I also talk about the Sean Connery Bond films, Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, the Chris Daughtry concert with Dan Layus as the opening act, and some new podcasts I’m listening to: Meanwhile at the Podcast and White Lies. I end the show talking a bit about how I love the trust we podcasters have with each other.


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International Podcast Day (2018)

Did you know today is International Podcast Day (#internationalpodcastday)? A day to celebrate this thing we call podcast. Check out @intlpodcastday for more info. But first, an introduction. Hi, I’m Eric, host of the Longbox Review Comic Book podcast.

I talk about comic books I’ve read, comic book news, and the like. I also do a couple “imprint” shows: The Gutters (stuff relating to or outside of comics) & The Legion Project with @peterjrios about the Baxter run of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

I love podcasts! They keep me entertained & informed. I listen to them while driving, working, cooking–pretty much all the time. I don’t listen to much radio or watch much TV anymore because I get what I want/need from podcasts.

I’m subscribed to 76 podcasts currently, but only about 25-30 release episodes regularly, which is to say daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some are professionally produced, while most are just fans of something like myself.

Of course, I listen to many comic book focused podcasts, but there are politics/news shows I’m subscribed to, as well as scripted shows, TV show discussions, interviews, & personal diaries. Pretty much, if you have an interest, there’s a podcast for you.

Hey, Eric, you may be saying, I like to talk, but I don’t know anything about “podcasting”. How do I do it? Great question! You can Google it, and there are some wonderful resources (such as Podcasting 101 by Ray Ortega), but if you have a microphone (I use an ATR 2100 or a Zoom H4N), Internet access, & some software (I use the free Audacity), you can be podcasting very quickly. But most important is the content. Listen to Peter’s advice about that here:

If you have any specific questions about the technical aspects of podcasting, I would love to share my experience & advice, but I am a novice with my own style & workflow & that may not fit you.

My fellow podcasters, what are your favorite podcasts or what is your advice to newer or aspiring podcasters?

Podcast 123: Revisiting Rios

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Peter Rios (of The Daily Rios podcast) returns to the show to discuss a wide range of subjects including what we should do about our comic collections after we’re gone, 1980s DC comics that (criminally) haven’t been traded, what he’s been up to since the last time we spoke, podcasting and is it art, DC’s Dark Days: The Forge and Casting, some San Diego Comic Con news, Star Trek, DC vs Marvel, questions from Twitter, and more! Join us next episode for our discussion of the Image Comics series Secret Identities.

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