Molly Danger: The Series on Kickstarter

In the last episode of the podcast, I talked about my love for the Molly Danger Book One OGN. I also talked about the upcoming Kickstarter to help fund Book Two. Well, the Kickstarter to fund Molly Danger: The Series is now live! Please consider supporting a wonderful all-ages superhero book created by the talented Jamal Igle.

Podcast Episode 83: More Fun Comics

The big show is back! This episode I talk about some FUN comics, including two all-ages books–Molly Danger and Pix–and one book that is for more mature readers but is still a lot of fun to read: The End Times of Bram and Ben. There are some spoilers abounding, so you have been warned. So, sit back, relax, and find out just how these comics are more fun.

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