New Comics Wednesday (2/2/11)

That rat bastard Mr. Groundhog better not see his shadow today. Regardless, here are the comics I’m getting this week:

  • Brightest Day #19–This is my pick of the week, as it usually is, providing Batgirl isn’t out that same day! :D
  • Irredeemable #22
  • LSH Annual #1–I remember when annuals were reserved for the summer.
  • Superman 80-Page Giant 2011–I assume I’m getting this since Superman is on my pull list. The Comic Book Shop is pretty good about giving me these associated comics.

The Daytripper trade is out this week. If you didn’t get the issues, I urge you to buy the trade. That comic was an interesting and satisfying read.

I was looking through my comic list and discovered a disheartening bit of trivia: the comic I have the most issues of in my collection is Nightwing (154). Now, I love the character of Dick Grayson, no matter what costume he fights in, but his series was never that good. I’m sure if I count up all the various editions of Titans or Legion comics I have (which I truly love), I’ll have more than my Nightwing count, but as far as an original volume count, Nightwing FTW!

Finally, the Emerald City Comicon is just a smidge over a month away, and I am getting super excited to be going back to Seattle for this con. There are some interesting media guests coming (including the Shat!), and the panels look pretty good, but I’m most looking forward to the shopping! I bought a ton of comics last year and hope to do the same this year. Of course, I plan to be tweeting during the days and posting overviews at night. Can Not Wait!