Spotlighting Comic Book News, April 2022 Previews, and The Deadliest Bouquet

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Spotlighting comic book news, April 2022 Previews, and The Deadliest Bouquet by Erica Schultz (writer), Carola Borelli (artist), and Gab Contreras (colorist ) —

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Spotlighting January 2022 Comic Book News, Previews, and Two Stories (Joshua Kemble)

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Tales of the Legion Project: Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes

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Welcome to the Tales of the Legion Project where we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes material outside of the Baxter run. Chosen by the listeners, we discuss in this episode the 2011 IDW / DC Comics mini-series, Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes.


(00:21) Preamble and contest winner announcement!
(09:12) Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes synopsis, general thoughts, and cover talk
(54:11) Main discussion
(1:48:52) Exploring the Time Travelers Graveyard image
(2:01:04) Wrap-up and outro

Music intro/outro: “Mirror, Mirror” by Fred Steiner from Star Trek

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Favorite Comic Books of 2020

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It’s time for my annual tradition of looking back at the previous year of comic books and talking about my favorites.

Also, listen for details on how to win some TKO Studios comic book collections!

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Previews! (March 2020)

Here are some recommendations from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in May.



  • As Pulp is by Brubaker and Phillips, this is a no-brainer purchase.
  • And speaking of Phillips, his son, Jacob, is working with Chris Condon to bring us That Texas Blood. I have to admit, I want to know what Sheriff Coates saw in that car.
  • I’ve never been into pirates (and that part of Watchmen bored me), but damn does A Man Among Ye look like fun!

Dark Horse

  • It’s hard to pass up P. Craig Russell adapting Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology book.
  • I blame Brubaker and Phillips (and the others) for my interest in Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics.
  • Blacksad is one of those series I’ve always heard about but haven’t read; now I can.
  • I am very intrigued by The Atomic Legion. “An epic adventure into the science fiction of the past”?! Sold!


  • Oh! I cannot wait to read Star Trek: Year Five: The Wine-Dark Deep!!! I loved the first volume of the series, and I bet the second is even better!
  • Seriously thinking of getting Bermuda. It looks like it could scratch my dinosaur comics itch.

Abstract Studios

  • Don’t miss the series finale to Five Years! You can still go to the webstore and buy all the other issues you didn’t preorder.


  • Aftershock continues to intrigue me to buy its books. Lonely Receivers is no exception.
  • Same goes for Sympathy for No Devils.
  • But what the hell is with those $5 price tags?! Other 32-page comic books from Aftershock are $3.99!

DC Comics


  • Ok, let’s see what’s going on at Marvel. Empyre, Empyre, Empyre…. Oh, here we go! The Union gives us the costumed heroes from the United Kingdom. I may have to break my buy-only-Big-2-trades policy and get this.
  • Same with Busiek’s and Cinar’s The Marvels. It kind of reads to me like Astro City in the Marvel U.
  • Does anyone else hate Spider-Woman’s new costume?

What are you ordering this month?