Podcast Episode 48: Comic Talk

I talk about the following titles:

  • The Answer #4
  • Danger Club #5
  • East of West #1-2
  • Idolized #5
  • Jupiter’s Legacy #1
  • Mara #4
  • The Movement #1
  • Suicide Rick #1

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Pull List Review

I review the following comics that were released during the weeks of 4/17 through 5/1/13.

  • The Answer #4
  • Danger Club #5
  • East of West #1-2
  • Idolized #5
  • Jupiter’s Legacy #1
  • Mara #4
  • The Movement #1
  • Suicide Risk #1

Pull List Review: Week 4, June 2012

Here are some thoughts about the comics I read that were released during the fourth week of June, 2012.

Idolized #1 by David Schwartz (w), Micah Gunnell (a), David Curiel (c), Josh Reed (l), & Vince Hernandez (e)

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. This comic violates a couple of my usual lines: 1) I don’t buy photo covers (yes, I know you can get non-photo covers), 2) the premise involves a tv contest show (á la American Idol), and 3) it’s a zero issue!. So why did I buy this comic and was actually looking forward to it? I think I was overcome for some reason by the photo cover (and I have preordered up to issue 2). In fact, I don’t recall at all what the solicitation text was for issue 0 because I don’t think I would have ordered it, so must be the photo cover. :) Regardless, the promise of the story to come does intrigue me–I just have to get past the whole Idol motif.

Star Trek #10 by Mike Johnson (w), Stephen Molnar (a), John Rauch (c), & Neil Uyetake (l), and Scott Dunbier (e), based on the original teleplay by Boris Sobelman

I know, I’m repeating a focus on this series, but I can’t get over how much I’m liking this title. I was pulled in by the premise of original series episodes told within the new Star Trek universe, and I thought after six issues I’d be out. But the stories kept getting better and better, and the stories improved upon the original series episodes! This two-part adaptation of “The Return of the Archons” is a prime example. And then the creative team throws in some shadow conspiracy involving Admiral Pike. What?! Keep ’em coming IDW!

Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #2 by Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee (w), J.K. Woodward (a), Shawn Lee (l), and Denton J. Tipton (e)

So, last time I praised issue one for the spot-on characterizations of the Doctor Who crew and wondered if we would get the same as far as the TNG crew. I think the writers were successful at that, and I really enjoyed the interaction between the Doctor and the Starfleet officers. The J.K. Woodward art is good (it’s painted), with the actor likenesses being done fairly well, though some of the placement of characters in the panels doesn’t appear to be consistent with what came before in particular panels. Plus, there are some interesting background action going on in some panels (I’m thinking of the one panel where a Lt. wearing goggles looks up at Worf, who looks down at her. It has nothing to do with the foreground scene, but it’s amusing.). What does bug me is the lack of real concern by Riker and Picard that an unknown person (the Doctor) has appeared on the Enterprise. In one instance, when the Doctor appears on the holodeck with Riker, does Riker call for security (ok, they do show up in the next scene, but still)? A little later, after receiving a distress call, Picard allows the Doctor on the bridge, moments after accusing the Doctor of being involved in the attack on Delta IV! But considering how many times this happened during the run of the show to move the plot forward, I should just go along with it. :)

I also read:

  • ANGEL & FAITH #11
  • AQUAMAN #10
  • FATALE #6
  • FF #19
  • I, VAMPIRE #10
  • RESET #3
  • SUPERMAN #10
  • VOODOO #10