New Comics Wednesday (1/22/20)

Happy New Comics Wednesday!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

My comics

  • LUCIFER TP VOL 02 THE DIVINE TRAGEDY – The previous volume of the series was soooo good and I thought this would pale in comparison, but I was pleasantly surprised by the first trade.
  • SUPERMAN #19 – Not sure yet how I feel about the new status quo regarding Superman’s secret identity…
  • WONDER WOMAN #750 1980S VAR ED – Pick of the week! – I love landmark issues, and Wonder Woman deserves some spotlight. Of course I picked up the George Perez variant edition — why do you ask?
  • AGENTS OF ATLAS COMPLETE COLLECTION TP VOL 02 – The first collection was one of my favorite things I read in 2018, so I hope this is just as good.
  • INVISIBLE WOMAN TP – I love Sue Storm/Richards, and she’s being written by Mark Waid, so getting this was an easy choice.

Not much in my pull this week (which is probably a good thing).

Other comics

  • HUNTRESS ORIGINS TP – If you’re a fan of Helena Wayne as Huntress, here’s your chance to read her solo stories.
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 – I have to admit, I was curious what Donny Cates was going to do with these characters.
  • VALKYRIE JANE FOSTER TP VOL 01 – Do yourself a favor and get this trade, especially if you were a fan of the Jason Aaron written Thor/Lady Thor books.
  • A LETTER TO JO TP – I definitely will read this epistolary war comic one day.
  • CATHERINE’S WAR GN – I almost pulled the trigger on this, it looks like something I would enjoy very much.

Best comic I read recently

GRAVEYARD SHIFT TP by Jay Faerber and Fran Bueno

I usually steer clear of comic books featuring vampires — they’ve been done to death (like zombies)! But I love Jay Faerber’s comic book stories. Comixology had this on sale, so I snatched it up (along with some other of his books). There are many familiar tropes in this, but the charm of the characters keep it interesting. Bueno’s visuals aren’t consistently the best, but there are times when the characters (especially the female lead) shine of the page.

What are you getting this week?

Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds, Part 2

Direct Download (1:58:09)

Nerd Goggles podcast host MJ and I continue our discussion of Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds, issues 58 through 61, by Gail Simone, Ed Benes. Alex Lei, Rob Lea, Hi-Fi, John E. Workman, Jared Fletcher, and Lysa Hawkins. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of the discussion yet (where I interview MJ for a bit before we discuss issues 56 and 57 of the series), you can find it at

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Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds, Part 1

Direct Download (2:00:57)

Nerd Goggles podcast host MJ joins me to discuss (among other things) her podcast, comic book origin story, the pitfalls of social media, and the role of criticism in Art.

Then (at the 41:51 mark) we begin our discussion of Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds, issues 56 and 57, by Gail Simone, Ed Benes. Alex Lei, Rob Lea, Hi-Fi, John E. Workman, Jared Fletcher, and Lysa Hawkins. Please join us next episode for our discussion on issues 58-61.

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Podcast 129: Christmas Gab Bag

Direct Download (2:21:31)

Happy holidays! George, of the now defunct George and Tony Entertainment Show, returns to finish out the year and talk about some Christmas, or Christmas adjacent, comics. Specifically, we discuss:

Fantastic Four #4
New Adventures of Superboy #39
Brave and the Bold #184
Batman Family #4
Fast Willie Jackson #3
DC Comics Presents #67

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RandoMonday: Robin III: Cry of the Huntress #2

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Robin III: Cry of the Huntress #2 by Chuck Dixon (story), Tom Lyle (pencils), Bob Smith (inks), Adrienne Roy (colors), Scott Peterson (asst. editor), Denny O’Neil (editor), and Stuart Immonen, Bob K. LeRose & Mike Zeck (cover)

Robin has long been a favorite character of mine, whether it was Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, or Damian Wayne occupying the costume. So when DC started publishing Robin mini-serieses, I was ecstatic. This issue, part of the last set of mini-series before Tim Drake got his own ongoing (and before Nightwing did, iirc, which never sat well with me), features Tim basically screwing everything up. He’s lied to his dad and Batman, and was unable to save a girl from being kidnapped by the KGBeast not her father from being murdered by the Russian assassin. Not to worry though, because Huntress shows up to help, but seems a little miffed that Batman hasn’t told Robin about her. She agrees to help Robin, however, in exchange for…? Probably a favor to be collected down the road, I’m sure. The issue ends with Tim being called into his high school councilor’s office, where he’s asked if Bruce Wayne is abusing him. Why? Because of the cuts and bruises he comes to school with–way to go Timmy.

This was not my favorite mini of the three. I recall being annoyed at Huntress (keep in mind that I haven’t read this series since 1993), and Tom Lyle’s and Bob Smith’s faces all pretty much had the same round look to them. I am really curious, though, why DC put the effort into three mini-series before they pulled the trigger on an ongoing. Regardless, if you’re a Robin fan like me, you can probably find these issues (they’re not collected as far as I know) pretty easily.