Snapshot … George Perez’s Everyone

Everyone (more or less) by George Pérez. How awesome is this? I like how he grouped some characters together, like the archers in the middle, the speedsters on the left and right sides, and DC’s Trinity near the middle (with Batman’s cape being loud and proud!). Plus, it wasn’t until I was writing this text that I noticed that Marvel’s Sandman is the ground!

RandoMonday: Justice League of America #200

Here’s a cover image from a comic in my collection, chosen at random.

I actually bought this at my local Hasting’s store for $.99. I’m a sucker for anniversary or big number issues. It’s a great, classic JLAers vs each other cover with art by the awesome George Pérez. Notice the background single color strips–George often used this motif, at least as I recall in the New Teen Titans series.

Podcast Episode 29: New Teen Titans: Games Review with Peter Rios

Welcome to part two of my conversation with Mr. Peter Rios. We spend the majority of the episode talking about New Teen Titans: Games (warning: spoilers) and our love of the New Teen Titans in general. Near the end, Peter talks about the fundraiser to send Julian Lytle to Morrisoncon, and then Peter discusses what’s coming next month from him. It’s not to be missed!

Peter made my weekend by cohosting the show with me, and I can’t thank him enough. :)

Thanks for listening!

Direct Download (2:01:51)