New Comics Wednesday (3/16/11)

Oh my god I’ve been lazy! It took me a couple weeks to get over my cold, plus I was just tired (but a very good tired) from the Emerald City Comicon–I may have O.D.’ed on comics! :D Anyway, more stuff coming soon! This is what I’m buying this week:

  • Adventure Comics #524
  • Brightest Day #22
  • DC Universe: Legacies #10–Thankfully, this is ending.
  • Ruse #1–This was my favorite of the CrossGen series, so I’m anxious and excited for the return.
  • Superman #709
  • Unwritten #23
  • Xombi #1–I enjoyed the one issue in which Xombi appeared in Brave and the Bold, so I’m going to see if this first issue grabs me.

I recently picked up a couple series that were pretty good. First of all, Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. is excellent (though I still need to get #4). Second, and this is so weird for me to write because it’s another Marvel series, Spider-Girl was also enjoyable. I didn’t care for the art changes so early in the series, especially since Clayton Henry’s art is so nice looking for this book–if you’re starting a new book, inconsistent art is a turn off.

Emerald City Comicon, Day 3

*Sigh* It’s over. Why do I always feel sad at the end of this con?

Anyway, my day started by walking the show floor some more to see whatever I’d missed. That turned out to be more comic retailers so, of course, I had to buy some more comics.

Then I was off to the DC Sunday Conversation panel, where Bob Harras was by himself and asked for con attendees to tell their comics origin stories. I left that one early to look for some more comics since my wife had found a retailer with a huge amount of titles that I was looking for.

After parting with more of my money, I went to the Dark Horse panel. I was pleasantly surprised when Felicia Day walked in and spoke for about ten minutes about The Guild comics (it was revealed that the first trade was the second best selling trade for Dark Horse). Then the majority of the panel was taken up by the antics of the 6-year-old co-creator of Axe Cop. I think the editor of the comic is very patient and good with kids. I, however, was turned off on the title because of the performance I endured. All was not lost, though. Eventually, I got some information about some Whedonverse titles. Buffy Season 9 will come out in September and will last 25 issues. Also, Buffy will have a Season 10. Angel will be out in August.

Next was a Marvel panel. Really the only interesting bit of news was that Nick Spencer was announced as the newest Marvel exclusive member. I have to admit though, at least the Marvel guys were giving out some information, unlike DC.

I left this panel early as well so that my wife & I could finish our patrol of the show floor and buy our kids some presents. While doing that, I came across some prints that made me go “wow!”. I ended up buying 5 of these prints by John Tyler Christopher. His negative space renditions are amazing.

You can see more of Mr. Christopher’s work at his Facebook page.

Then, like that, we were done. I kind of wandered around aimlessly, not yet ready to leave, but leave we did. I had a good to great time, with the great being spending the weekend with my wife as well as the scores I made with my comic wish list (I cannot believe I found all those 1970s Superboy issues, let alone the DC Digests!). I also really enjoyed hanging out with Mr. Oddfellow and his family.

I’m looking forward to attending the next, and 10th, Emerald City Comicon in 2012.

Emerald City Comicon, Day 2

Day 2 started out well enough. The Skewed & Reviewed panel contained some interesting film news:

  • Loki and/or the Skrulls will be the villain in the Avengers.
  • Chris Pine has been approached to do the Flash film.
  • Apparently Warner has been so impressed with the dailies from the Green Lantern film that they’re already talking sequel.

Other film news:

  • X-Files 3 may be coming and might be about the December, 2012 phenomenon.
  • A prequel/sequel to Blade Runner is in the works.
  • Warner has given JJ Abrams a lot o money for the next Star Trek.

Most of the rest of the day was spent indulging in media guest Q&As.

The Guild panel was probably the most fun. It was great to finally see Felicia Day, but Wil Wheaton made the panel a whole lot more interesting.

Next up was Jonathan Frakes & Brent Spiner. They played well off each other, but they were also a bit sarcastic towards their fans, starting off the session by asking, then answering a few of the many repeated questions they’ve received from fans over the years. Regardless, Spiner does a great Patrick Stewart impression.

Next came an abbreviated Buffy panel in which James Marsters told some fun stories about his time on the show. I say “abbreviated” because previous panels went long, and because William Shatner would follow.

Mr. Shatner was a surprisingly good storyteller and, of course, funny, too. Also, punctual. His panel ended right when it was supposed to.

My day ended with a repeat of the DC panel from yesterday, which is to say I learned nothing from DC. It was somewhat frustrating that all DC had to offer was “we can’t tell you” and “we’ll discuss that at the Monday morning editorial meeting”. And why even have the various creators present if they aren’t there to hype their books? DC really dropped the ball at this con.

That’s it. One more day and my wonderful weekend is over.

Emerald City Comicon, Day 1

So, day 1 of the 3 day 2011 Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) has concluded. I had a great day all around, despite my still being sick (can’t seem to shake this cold).

The day started with the Image Comics panel. Image announced a couple titles that sounded interesting. One was Green Wake, which was inspired by Twin Peaks, so naturally I’m intrigued. Also, Near Death, which was described as crime noir, and a book that also interests me. Finally, Ron Marz discussed a series of western one-shots called Dead Lands.

Next was the DC Nation panel. I was a bit disappointed with it. The only interesting news announced was that the Batman: Earth One graphic “novel” would come out late this year or early next year. Also, the long-awaited Titans graphic novel Games is all but done and will be published in September! I loved the answer Chris Roberson gave to the question, “What are the political leanings of Superman and Batman?” Answer: Superman is above politics because he’s for everyone, and Batman’s too busy to vote. Hah!

Besides these comic panels, I enjoyed the James Marsters Q & A (I’m a Buffy & Angel fan), and the Buffy Singalong. Oh, and the Comic Twart panel was entertaining. Who knew artitsts were so funny while drawing? :)

Finally, I bought a lot of comics and was able to complete at least a few runs (Animal Man, Elementals, Fallen Angel, New Titans). That defines a great day no matter what.

New Comics Wednesday (3/2/11)

Just in time for my trip to Seattle and the Emerald City Comicon, here are the comics I’ll be getting this week.

  • Brightest Day #21
  • Green Lantern #63
  • Incognito: Bad Influences #4–Yes!
  • Irredeemable #23
  • Powers #7–Did you hear that FX ordered a pilot? If picked up, I will be watching.
  • Secret Six #31–New to my pull list. I just read the first trade and enjoyed it. Plus Oddfellow raves about this comic.
  • Teen Titans #92–Actually, this came out last week, but I didn’t think I needed a new post for just one item.

As I wrote earlier, I plan to post my summaries per day of the con, as well as tweeting any interesting tidbits. Hope to see you there!