Pull List Review: Week 1, June 2012

Here are some thoughts about the comics I read that were released during the first week of June, 2012.

Action Comics #10 by Grant Morrison (w), Rags Morales (p), Rick Bryant (i), Brad Anderson (c), Patrick Brosseau, & Matt Idelson (e)

Just some quick notes about this issue:

  • I love that early Superman had a stash of different colored t-shirts locked away in locker 38 (for 1938, the year of Superman’s debut).
  • I also liked the conversation with older Superman and his new Justice League pals, especially Batman’s response to Superman’s question (“So what do we do now?”): “I don’t want to be part of a gang of authoritarian living weapons from America.” Is that a dig to the Authority and the lack of “of America” in the title of this comic book?
  • Clark Kent is dead?! What are you playing at Mr. Morrison?I know, I know, this old plot chestnut has been done to death; I just didn’t expect it so soon in this title, and with Morrison playing with it, I hope it’s more interesting than the thousand other times I’ve read it.
  • The one thing I really enjoy about this version of Superman is the friendship between Clark and Lois that developed before Clark went to work for the Daily Planet, which is something that I don’t think they have ever done.

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 by Darwyn Cooke (w & a), Phil Noto (c), Jared K. Fletcher (l), & Mark Chiarello (e)

Screw the anti-BW screeching all over the Internet–this book is beautiful. Also, it was the one title in the series that I looked forward to the most because the one thing I always wanted more information on as I read Watchmen was the Minutemen group. Finally, I just love Darwyn Cooke’s stories and his art.

Bleeding Cool Magazine #0 by Rich Johnston, et al.

Did you get this? For $1.49 you get all the goodness of the Bleeding Cool website, though, you do lose some of the timeliness of the website. But I really enjoyed this inaugural issue and look forward to subscribing to this comic-related magazine come October (but the price can’t be $1.49, I’m sure).

Creator-Owned Heroes by Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Niles, et al

Where Bleeding Cool is definitely a magazine, COH is part magazine, part comic book anthology. Along with the interview with Neil Gaiman (and other goodies), you get two surprisingly good short stories–“Triggergirl 6” by Palmiotti & Justin Gray (w) & Phil Noto (a) and “American Muscle” by Niles (w) & Kevin Mellon (a). In fact, I wasn’t at all interested in “American Muscle” and I enjoyed it almost as much as “Triggergirl 6”, which is to say a bunch.

I also read:

  • A vs X #5: Yawn.
  • Dial H #2: Also yawn–this reads more like an uninteresting Vertigo version of Dial H for HERO; I’ll probably be dropping this soon.
  • Earth 2 #2: I plan to talk about this on the podcast, but I am loving this book!
  • Extermination #1: Another title I plan to discuss on the podcast.
  • Fairest #4: I love, love, love Phil Jimenez’s art!
  • GI Combat #2: I’ll be dropping this soon, I think, unless I get a Haunted Tank story.
  • Looney Tunes #207: Holy cats! A DC comic numbering in the three digits!!! I got this because I thought Daffy Duck was the main focus, but he only gets seven pages. Sufferin’ succotash!
  • Ramiel #2: I just can’t get into the art with this one. Plus, it’s a smidge taller than all my other comics. Huh?
  • Smallville, season 11
  • Superbia #4: This will relaunch as an ongoing, but I don’t feel I got a real ending to what was set up in the previous three issues. Very disappointing ending to a strong lead in.
  • Swamp Thing #10
  • Worlds’ Finest #2: Also liking this book, but not as much as Earth 2.