Batgirl: Futures End Buzz

Buzz surrounding Batgirl: Futures End is that it’s good, which is not what I would have guessed based on the DC Comics solicitation text. I think I will have to go buy this off of a local comic book shop shelf based on the review by Matt Santori-Griffith at Comicosity and many tweets that I’ve read. In fact, I ordered very few of the Futures End issues based on the descriptions (bad DC, bad!), so what Futures End titles have been released so far this month that you think are good and why?

Update: I did end up going to the Comic Book Shop in Spokane and getting a copy (the shop only had the $3.99 cover though). I enjoyed the story, but it wasn’t the emotional slam for me that other people apparently have had when reading this issue. It was cool to see Cass and Steph as Batgirls (especially Steph), but the whole Babs as Bane bit came across as forced and pat. I’m glad that I got to read it, but not for the amount I paid for it.

Snapshot … Batgirl Cover by Alex Garner

Batgirl cover by Alex Garner.

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Art by Matt Haley

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Pull List Review

First Half of July, 2013

I review the following comics:

  • Batgirl #22
  • Five Color Comics
  • Batman/Superman #2
  • Red Sonja #1
  • Scarlet #7

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Snapshot … from Batgirl #0

I love the “original” (New 52) Batgirl and Robin costumes!