Day 30 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge)

Your favorite run or series of all time.

Titans Together!

I read comics before this series, but it wasn’t until this series that I became a collector. I read the debut of the New Teen Titans in DC Comics Presents #26 and I remember distinctly thinking, “I want that.” Unfortunately, this was the time before comic shops, so I was at the mercy of grocery stores and the contents of the spinner rack and I missed the debut of the New Teen Titans. In fact, it wasn’t until issue 23 when I found the series that would go on to be my favorite of all time. NTT would inspire me to write my own prose knockoff teen supergroup–thus launching my pursuit of a creative writing degree–and try my hand at drawing superheroes.

NTT came to me at a time when I was near the age of the characters, feeling the way some of them did (see my Day 2 post), and wishing I had powers like them (with friends who also had powers) to escape the confines of my real world. Marv Wolfman and George Pérez provided stories that were full of adventure, character building, subplots, and just great art that made such an impression upon me that I still, 28 years after George left the book and 16 years after the title was canceled (though it wasn’t really the same after “Titans Hunt”), love to this day. I recently bought the NTT Omnibus, volume 1, and plan to buy future volumes just so I can look through those wonderful issues again.

Day 29 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge)

A comic you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

I had heard that Starman was good, so I bought the first trade and was not very impressed. I found the new Starman, Jack Knight, whiny and lackluster. But I usually give a series more than just a single opportunity to impress me, including collected editions, so I bought the second volume and I was less annoyed. This led me to the third volume, and I was hooked! What a great series overall, especially the world building that James Robinson did with Opal City and everything he put Jack Knight through.

Day 28 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge)

Favorite comic publisher.

Well, if you regularly read this blog or listen to the podcast, this should come as no surprise: DC Comics. Even though my comic reading/collecting began with Marvel, there was something about DC’s characters and books that drew me in and have kept me coming back for over 30 years.

Day 27 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge)

Favorite comic book movie.

Watchmen. I’m defining this category as a live action movie as opposed to an animated movie (which I usually find are much better than the live action films). I know a lot of people didn’t care for the changes that departed from the source material and how the superhero characters were portrayed as somewhat superhuman, but it just looked cool! Off the top of my head, it’s probably the best adaptation I’ve seen taking a comic to the silver screen.

Day 26 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge)

A comic you wish they would make into a movie.

Incognito. What do you get when you combine crime noir with superhero tropes? Incognito by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. This was recommended to me by Matt at the Comic Book Shop and it was a joy to read. I felt jazzed while reading this and still am when thinking back on it. I love stories featuring criminals who have bouts of morality. I’m no good at coming up with actors to play the characters, but someone did, though I don’t like the choice for the main character (James Franco? Too young.).