Best of 2013 Live Show (recorded 2/9/14)

Travis (oddfellowsthoughts) and I run down the best of and our favorites from the 2013 comic book world! Thanks to everyone who participated, with special thanks to my cohost, Travis, for braving Snowpocalypse 2014 to join me on this episode. The audio only version will be released soon–point your podcatchers to or keep an eye on the blog:

Spotlight on … LBR in 2013

WordPress sent me the 2013 blog report, and that got me thinking about Longbox Review stats.

The Blog

Wow, the blog certainly had a banner year. I had nearly 6000 visits, which is up by over 2000 from the previous year. June saw the most hits out of the year, with June 4 being the busiest day.

Out of the 173 posts I made in 2013, only two of those (#3 & #5) made it into my top five:

  1. A Review of
  2. A Review of Discount Comic Book Service
  3. A Review of Midtown Comics
  4. A Review of Fearless Readers Online
  5. Snapshot … Robin Costumes

I’m surprised about the Robin Costumes post, but maybe there are more Robin fans out there than I thought, and that pleases me very much.

Finally, people in 74 different countries have visited the blog, with these as the top five:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Australia

I was pleasantly surprised to see folks from Germany were visiting, so willkommen!

The Podcast

While the blog was where I started my public display of affection for comics, the podcast is my main focus these days. 2013 was the year that I switched podcast hosts (from Podbean to LibSyn), which I did halfway through the year. So, the total downloads were over 7000 for the year, with September seeing the most traffic. The top five episodes since I did the switch are

  1. 53: Trinity War!
  2. 49: Reviews Triumvirate
  3. 50: 10 Top 5
  4. 52: Batman, Inc. #13
  5. 54: Chicken Little

I’m surprised that #2 & #5 are in the top five. You just never know what people will like.

Out of the 27 countries (since I switched to LibSyn anyway) where someone has downloaded an episode, here are the top five:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Australia


In March, 2013, I branched out into doing videos on YouTube–reviews, questions of the day, and other videos. I found that the YouTube comic book community is very welcoming and supportive. Of the 67 videos I posted in 2013, here are my top five most watched:

  1. Comic Cave
  2. New Comics Order: July 2013
  3. Comic Book Memories
  4. Question of the Day: How Many Issues?
  5. Question of the Day: What would you do if you lost your comic book collection?


All in all, I had a great year in 2013. Of course, none of the above would be possible without the comics that I read throughout the year. I bought nearly 1000 titles, which averaged out to be about 81 titles per month and 18 titles per week (with the week of February 20 having the most comics in a week at 34 titles). I read a few stinkers, some mediocre books, but there were also a lot of really great comic books published in 2013. I’m so excited to see what 2014 will offer us.

I want to thank every reader, every listener, and every viewer that has consumed something branded as Longbox Review. I appreciate your support, and I look forward to interacting with you in 2014.