Totally Awesome Week of Comics! Theme: First

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Three guests — Travis, Matt, and Damian — join me to recommend five comic books around the theme of “First” to give you a Totally Awesome Week of Comics! What could those five comic books be? Listen to find out! Please let me know what you think of this new format.

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Video version:

Comics Multiverse Interview

Back in October 2020, Chad from the Comics Multiverse YouTube channel interviewed me about comic books, podcasting, the Comic Geek Speak 10th anniversary celebration, comic-cons, and other things.

Please subscribe to Chad’s channel and let him know how much you enjoyed this interview and his work!

Appearance on Sleepy Reader’s YouTube Channel

I was honored to have been invited to be on Damian’s, aka Sleepy Reader, comic book YouTube channel to discuss, primarily, the 1983 miniseries The Jack of Hearts from Marvel Comics.

Let us know what you think of our discussion about this unusual character and series, and be sure to subscribe to Damian’s channel.

Appearance on Behind the Podcast

ICYMI, I was asked to join Behind the Podcast host Adamo Barbieri, along with other guest Mike Rapin of the I Read Comic Books podcast, to talk about why I podcast, why I love comic books so much, and what keeps me podcasting after nine years. It was a fun conversation that just got me energized to podcast more!

Talking DC Comics Present and Future with Sleepy Reader

Damian asked me to join him in a discussion about DC Comics. Please watch, comment, and subscribe to his YouTube channel! Thanks for inviting me on your show Sleepy!