Today is Free Comic Book Day!


Free Comic Book Day is a single day – the first Saturday in May each year – when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores.
*Check with your local comic book shop for their participation and rules.

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Please remember to support your local comic book shop and buy some things. Also, take your kids, your nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, the young at heart, and show them the joy that comic books can bring to their lives.

ECCC 2014, Day 2

Our second day at the Emerald City Comicon was getting places and buying stuff. Saturday is always packed with people (my god, SO MANY PEOPLE!), so getting anywhere is a slow process (it didn’t used to be—just four years ago it was actually fine), but it’s great to see so many fans celebrating what they love. I spent much of my day searching for more comics to buy to fill in those gaps in my collection, so a few Benjamins left my wallet. But I now own most of Hellblazer! The retailer from whom I bought a good chunk of those issues even gave me a short box, but I don’t recommend carrying a box around comicon for too long (or maybe I’m just a wimp).

On my way out of the con to take the box back to my hotel, I stopped at Jenny Frison’s table and bought one of her art books and a print of the Revival cover that I chose as my favorite cover of the year (see the Best of 2013 podcast episode). I also asked her why she does covers and not interior art, and she said she likes doing covers and that doing interior art would prevent her from doing many covers. She was very nice and gracious.

Next we stood in the loooooong line at Subway to get some lunch, and while there a very nice woman (I don’t remember her name, sorry!) came up to thank me for mentioning her Kickstarter on the podcast. Since I know I had not talked about her Shadow of Oz tarot deck project, I said that it was probably another podcast with Longbox in the name (I did search the Internet before I chose my name), and in this case, it was the Infinite Longbox podcast who mentioned the nice woman’s Kickstarter, so go check out the tarot deck and that podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, I went to a podcasting panel just to see what they had to say and found out that gaming podcasting is dying, that you really need a niche in whatever topic you’re podcasting about (I’ve known that one and stubbornly refuse to comply), and interactive is the way of the future (they mentioned YouTube and Twitch, specifically).

Then it was more shopping, meeting with Matt from the comic book shop in Spokane that I go to (his first time at ECCC), and then, because I was tired (I’m getting too old for this!), I met up with my wife and grand kids to sit for a while and was entertained by John De Lancie and Karl Urban.

Finally, dinner at Elephant and Castle (which was much better than Cheesecake Factory the night before) and then collapsing in the hotel room.

On to the final day!

ECCC 2014, Day 1

Twitter’s pretty much a bust at the Convention Center (along with any good connectivity—I’m not sure if it’s the building or my network or both), so here’s what happened with me yesterday at the Emerald City Comicon. 

Since we arrived 2 hours later than planned ( which was already 2 hours later than when the con started), we headed straight for the back issue bins to satisfy my Wish List’s wants. I was able to snag readers copies of Teen Titans (1966), along with a fairly decent copy of Hawk and Dove (1968) #6 and Adventure Comics #428 featuring the first appearance of Black Orchid!

Next we walked the main floor looking at nearly everything. We eventually stumbled on Andy Price’s table, and he drew little postcard-sized Little Ponies that we bought for the girls (they both read the monthly comic). 

Then it was off to a couple panels for me: the DC All Access and the Boom Studios editor’s panel. The Boom panel was informative, since I’ve long been interested in what a comic book editor does, my having been an editor for the last dozen years or so at an engineering firm. My wife went to a Ghosthunters Int’l panel and loved it. 

Finally, dinner and collapsing at our hotel. Now off to the busiest day at the con!

Podcast Episode 34: Westward Ho!

After returning from my trip to Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR, I talk about my visit to Zanadu Comics, and then I discuss four titles I’ve read recently (at the 14:45 mark):

  • Star Trek #13
  • Aquaman #0
  • Batman, Inc. #0
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #0

Finally, I rant a bit about arguments people have over Twitter (36:04).

Thanks for listening!

Direct Download (38:33)