All-New, All-Different Marvel Comics Line Up

Marvel Comics has officially released the creative teams on their post-Secret Wars books (45 in all) coming in October (I won’t get into the comments that some at Marvel made when DC did the same thing a few years ago–let’s just focus on the product). Here are the list of books that grabbed my attention:

  • Ultimates #1 by Al Ewing & Kenneth Rocafort: I like the characters in this line up, and Al Ewing did a bang up job on Mighty Avengers, but I’m not a big fan of Rocafort’s art. I’ll want to know more about the premise of the book before deciding to get it.
  • Daredevil #1 by Charles Soule & Ron Garney: It’s DD written by Mr. Soule, so I am predisposed to getting it.
  • Spider-Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli: After reading the Spider-Men miniseries and the first issue of Miles’s comic, I want to know more about this guy. Plus, Sara Pichelli’s art doesn’t hurt. It’s also interesting that I am more interested in the spin-off spider characters than I am the original guy.
  • Ms. Marvel #1 by G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa, & Adrian Alphona: Ok, I missed out on the previous volume of this reportedly fantastic series, so I’ll try this new volume out.
  • Squadron Supreme #1 by James Robinson & Leonard Kirk (with Alex Ross covers): I love the characters, and when James Robinson is on, he’s so very good. I’ve also seen some character designs from Kirk that look pretty nice.
  • The Mighty Thor #1 by Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman: Umm, no brainer. Best Marvel comic being published since Aaron took over the character. Buy it!
  • Vision #1 by Tom King & Gabriel H. Walta: One of my favorite Marvel characters written by Grayson‘s writer? Ok.
  • All-New All-Different Avengers #1 by Mark Waid, Adam Kubert, & Mahmud Asrar: It’s Mark Waid, plus a few of my favorite Marvel characters on the team. Not crazy about Kubert’s involvement, but I’ll try it out.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Web Warriors #1 by Mike Costa & David Baldeon: Just the idea of a bunch of multiversal spider characters teaming up sounds like fun, plus the cover shows Spider-Girl and I love her. I probably won’t get it, however.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Dan Slott & Giuseppe Camuncoli (with covers by Alex Ross): I only wanted to mention this because of that funky spider emblem. What is up with that?
  • Illuminati #1 by Josh Williamson & Shawn Crystal: I just love the idea of the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe, but I need to know more about this book.
  • New Avengers #1: by Al Ewing & Gerardo Sandoval: Only interested because of Mr. Ewing, but the characters don’t have enough of a pull for me.
  • Doctor Strange #1 by Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo: I have zero interest in Dr. Strange, but Mr. Aaron is writing it ….

Wow, that’s probably 8 new books I’ll be adding to my pull list come October. What about you? What all-new, all-different Marvel books are you interested in?


Molly Danger: The Series on Kickstarter

In the last episode of the podcast, I talked about my love for the Molly Danger Book One OGN. I also talked about the upcoming Kickstarter to help fund Book Two. Well, the Kickstarter to fund Molly Danger: The Series is now live! Please consider supporting a wonderful all-ages superhero book created by the talented Jamal Igle.

And the Eisner Award Goes to…

I saw a tweet the other day (I think it was from Marguerite Bennett, maybe; btw, you should follow her on Twitter–she’s fun to read) reminding those who can to cast her or his vote for the Eisner Awards. Being that I am not a comic book professional by any definition, I decided to take matters into my own hands and pick some winners myself. Let’s get kracklin’!

First of all, here is the complete list of nominees. I won’t be picking a “winner” in every category because I’m simply not familiar enough with everything that was nominated.

Best Short Story. I’m not off to a good start because I only read one of the nominations in this category: “The Sound of One Hand Clapping,” by Max Landis & Jock, in Adventures of Superman #14 (DC). That was a really good story, with Superman easily defeating Joker and coming across as a bit menacing, which how Superman should be portrayed. It was a lot of fourth-wall commentary about how some fandom see Superman as well. And Jock’s art was damned impressive, especially in some select panels. I also loved the bit near the beginning where we get to see a bunch of versions of Joker as he has been portrayed over the years as the character contemplates who he is.

Best Single Issue (or One-Shot). Hey! I read two of these: Astro City #16: “Wish I May” and The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1. Kurt Busiek has a tremendous talent for creating wonderful characters that we may never see again, and I hate him for it. :)  But the clear winner of these two options is Pax Americana. There’s just so much to digest in this story, so much narrative and commentary and history. So good, so good….

Best Continuing Series. I’ve read four of the series on this list, though The Walking Dead I am not current on, so really it’s three. Out of Astro City, Hawkeye, and Saga, it is the third book that is clearly the best. What Bryan K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples is creating is playful, fun, adult, meaningful, and satisfying on several levels. The other two do the same, just not as well (but close!).

Best Limited Series. Sandman: Overture is so lovely to look at, but The Multiversity is the clear winner here (see above for one reason why). Gods, I wish that Grant et al could’ve done this series for much longer.

Best New Series. Oh, man! The Fade Out or The Wicked + The Divine? Actually, that’s easy. While WicDiv is great to look at, and I love the ideas behind it, Brubaker and Phillips’ series has so much depth and interesting characters and history (see a pattern with me?), plus it’s noirish, and I love that.

Best Writer. Geez! How do I choose between Jason Aaron (who is absolutely killing it on Thor), Grant Morrison, and Brian K. Vaughan? Ok, no offense to Mr. Aaron, but it’s really down to the other two. Multiversity vs. Saga? Based on those works alone, I have to give the edge to Mr. Morrison.

Best Penciller/Inker. Easy: Fiona Staples for her work on Saga. Her line work is simple yet evocative. She makes me hurt inside when she shows the characters as they feel. Plus, I may be a little bit in love with Alana.

Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art). I am not familiar with anyone else on the list, but J. H. Williams work on Sandman: Overture is simply divine. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone’s art to top Mr. Gaiman’s words/ideas, but Mr. Williams did it. In spades.

Best Cover Artist. While I always loves me some Alex Ross (Astro City) art, this comes down to Francesco Francavilla, for the Afterlife with Archie covers, and Darwin Cooke for his variant cover month at DC. I’ll give the award to Mr. Cooke because those variants were so much fun to look at. DC should put out a hardcover of just those covers!

Best Coloring. I’m afraid that I’m only familiar with Matthew Wilson’s work of the nominees in this category, but he’s done some damn fine work in WicDiv for sure.

Best Lettering. Todd Klein, just for his work on The Unwritten, Sandman: Overture, and Fables.

And just like an awards show that’s ten minutes over, I am done! Best of luck to all the nominees, but especially to my choices in the preceding categories. Good day, good night!

Podcast Episode 79: Valentine’s Special!

It’s all about relationships in this episode. Before I talk about my Top 10 favorite comic book couples, I talk about the merging of the Marvel Universes and the new bundles of joy coming to DC Comics.

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Podcast Episode 78: Breaking Late News

I go over certain comic book related headlines culled from the last several weeks.


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