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DC Comics’ Infinite Frontier

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Not a Previews or review episode (but maybe a little bit of both)! DC Comics is trying something new with its Infinite Frontier initiative where everything matters, and I’m here to talk about it!

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Previews (April 2020) ?

Here are some recommendations from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping maybe (?) in June (July or August?). Thanks Covid-19. #washyourhands



  • For fans of Chew, Chu is back! I read very little of the award winning and fan favorite series. Will you take another bite?
  • I have a fondness for Joe Casey’s one-shot works, so All-America Comix is a buy for me.
  • Bliss sounds anything but, however, the premise intrigues me, as does the “two-arc maxi-series” label. Is it two arcs because there is a planned delay after the first arc? How does this entice us more than “8-issue maxi-series”?
  • Hey Black Magick is back!
  • Kirkman and Samnee’s Fire Power series is here. Don’t forget to order both issues 1 and 2.

Dark Horse


  • I have much of Irredeemable but didn’t finish it, so I’m seriously contemplating getting the Irredeemable Omnibus. It collects Irredeemable #1-37, Irredeemable Special #1, and Incorruptible #25-26.


  • Boy, that Robert Hack cover for Red Atlantis alone makes me want to preorder that series. I still have a hard time buying $5 first issues though.

DC Comics


  • To appeal to the millennial crowd (I suppose), Marvel proudly presents Non-Stop Spider-Man!!!
  • For fans of kung-fu and Shang-Chi comes the eponymous title.
  • I’ve always been intrigued by America Chavez, and now there’s a new mini series to trade wait for.
  • I will be getting the new Thor volume to see if I like the Cates / Klein interpretation.
  • Not to mention continuing with my trade collecting of the excellent Immortal Hulk (v7)!

What did you order or were planning to order this month?

New Comics Wednesday (3/18/20)

Happy New Comics Wednesday!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

What are you getting this week?

My comics

  • X-RAY ROBOT #1 – I love me some Allred
  • ROBIN 80TH ANNIVERSARY Special – Robin (Dick Grayson) is my favorite comic book character, so I’m happy to celebrate his 80th.
  • TREES TP VOL 03 – Can’t wait to read the conclusion of this story.
  • MONEY SHOT TP – It sounded interesting but not enough for me to buy the singles. But I heard enough positive things about it that I ordered the trade.

Other comics

  • IMMORTAL HULK TP VOL 06 – Didn’t order it but should have.
  • MARVELS 25TH ANNIVERSARY HC – But is it worth $50?
  • ARCHANGEL 8 #1 – I almost ordered this one. Maybe I’ll get the trade.

What are some other comics I missed that I should buy?



New Comics Wednesday (3/11/20)

Happy New Comics Wednesday!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

What are you getting this week?

My comics

  • JOIN THE FUTURE #1 – I forgot to mention this last week.
  • KNIGHTS TEMPORAL TP – I also forgot to mention this one last week.
  • HAWKMAN #22 – I’m loving the Pasarin art!
  • SUPERMAN #21
  • DECORUM #1

Other comics

  • ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GHOSTS ORIGINAL GN – A younger readers book that sounds like a fun read.
  • JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE CREATING THE DC UNIVERSE TP BOOK 01 – I’ve read a few of these issues and was not wowed by them, but it’s an interesting piece of history.
  • STEALTH #1 – I almost preordered this, thinking if I hear some good buzz about it I’d get the trade. Let me know how you like it, yeah?
  • HISTORY OF MARVEL UNIV TREASURY ED TP – I so very much want to read this, but I’ll wait for the trade paperback.
  • DAIRY RESTAURANT GN – I totally missed this before, but now I’m intrigued. This is an example of the power of comic book/graphic storytelling knowing no bounds!
  • NICNEVIN AND BLOODY QUEEN GN – This book was on my short list, but I ultimately passed on it.
  • SWEET HEART #1 – Another book I seriously thought about ordering.

What are some other comics I missed that I should buy?

Best comic I read recently

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 by Robert Venditti, Doug Mahnke, Richard Friend, David Baron, Tom Napolitano, Andrea Shea, and Alex R Carr, with cover by Bryan Hitch and Jeremiah Skipper

Justice League returns to my pull list because Robert Venditti is writing it. I dropped this title shortly after the Rebirth relaunch because I just don’t really care for Scott Snyder stories. But Venditti is awesome, and he’s got Doug Mahnke visualizing the story, so there’s a great team here. I understand that this story takes place prior to the story Snyder and company were telling that ended (for now) in issue 39, but it does occur after recent events in the Superman and Batman titles (i.e., Superman having revealed his identity to the world and the death of Alfred), so that’s not confusing. I don’t particularly care for yet another Eradicator story, but I do like the interaction between the characters, especially the conflict between Batman and Flash. Even better, Madame Xanadu makes an appearance, though it’s a different take of the character than the one shown in Hawkman last year, but I don’t mind the apparent incongruity — continuity isn’t that important to me anymore. I heard Venditti on a podcast explain that DC wants him to tell shorter stories, so I’m looking forward to where he takes these characters.