The Gutters: Post Holiday 2018 Edition

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This episode I talk about how I spent Christmas, my birthday, and New Year’s. Plus, entertainment recommendations (including Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movies, Young Justice: Outsiders and Titans on the DC Universe app, and Longmire), games we played, and podcasts I listened to!


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City of Titans

If you were a fan of the City of Heroes MMO, there’s a planned successor called City of Titans by Missing Worlds Media. Some folks from MWM were at DragonCon and recorded their panel. I recommend starting in at about 25 minutes: you can see a short demo and then they talk about game mechanics and the subscription model a bit. I am excited to see this game come out and to play it (I donated to the Kickstarter) so that I can once again pretend to be a superhero!