Previews (April 2020) ?

Here are some recommendations from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping maybe (?) in June (July or August?). Thanks Covid-19. #washyourhands



  • For fans of Chew, Chu is back! I read very little of the award winning and fan favorite series. Will you take another bite?
  • I have a fondness for Joe Casey’s one-shot works, so All-America Comix is a buy for me.
  • Bliss sounds anything but, however, the premise intrigues me, as does the “two-arc maxi-series” label. Is it two arcs because there is a planned delay after the first arc? How does this entice us more than “8-issue maxi-series”?
  • Hey Black Magick is back!
  • Kirkman and Samnee’s Fire Power series is here. Don’t forget to order both issues 1 and 2.

Dark Horse


  • I have much of Irredeemable but didn’t finish it, so I’m seriously contemplating getting the Irredeemable Omnibus. It collects Irredeemable #1-37, Irredeemable Special #1, and Incorruptible #25-26.


  • Boy, that Robert Hack cover for Red Atlantis alone makes me want to preorder that series. I still have a hard time buying $5 first issues though.

DC Comics


  • To appeal to the millennial crowd (I suppose), Marvel proudly presents Non-Stop Spider-Man!!!
  • For fans of kung-fu and Shang-Chi comes the eponymous title.
  • I’ve always been intrigued by America Chavez, and now there’s a new mini series to trade wait for.
  • I will be getting the new Thor volume to see if I like the Cates / Klein interpretation.
  • Not to mention continuing with my trade collecting of the excellent Immortal Hulk (v7)!

What did you order or were planning to order this month?

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