Previews! (March 2020)

Here are some recommendations from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in May.



  • As Pulp is by Brubaker and Phillips, this is a no-brainer purchase.
  • And speaking of Phillips, his son, Jacob, is working with Chris Condon to bring us That Texas Blood. I have to admit, I want to know what Sheriff Coates saw in that car.
  • I’ve never been into pirates (and that part of Watchmen bored me), but damn does A Man Among Ye look like fun!

Dark Horse

  • It’s hard to pass up P. Craig Russell adapting Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology book.
  • I blame Brubaker and Phillips (and the others) for my interest in Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics.
  • Blacksad is one of those series I’ve always heard about but haven’t read; now I can.
  • I am very intrigued by The Atomic Legion. “An epic adventure into the science fiction of the past”?! Sold!


  • Oh! I cannot wait to read Star Trek: Year Five: The Wine-Dark Deep!!! I loved the first volume of the series, and I bet the second is even better!
  • Seriously thinking of getting Bermuda. It looks like it could scratch my dinosaur comics itch.

Abstract Studios

  • Don’t miss the series finale to Five Years! You can still go to the webstore and buy all the other issues you didn’t preorder.


  • Aftershock continues to intrigue me to buy its books. Lonely Receivers is no exception.
  • Same goes for Sympathy for No Devils.
  • But what the hell is with those $5 price tags?! Other 32-page comic books from Aftershock are $3.99!

DC Comics


  • Ok, let’s see what’s going on at Marvel. Empyre, Empyre, Empyre…. Oh, here we go! The Union gives us the costumed heroes from the United Kingdom. I may have to break my buy-only-Big-2-trades policy and get this.
  • Same with Busiek’s and Cinar’s The Marvels. It kind of reads to me like Astro City in the Marvel U.
  • Does anyone else hate Spider-Woman’s new costume?

What are you ordering this month?

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