Previews! (February 2020)

Here are some recommendations from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in April.



  • Adventureman from Fraction and the Dodsons looks like fun. Though, while I understand why it’s titled what it is, it seems more that it should be called “Adventurewoman”.
  • Kirkman, Samnee, and Wilson’s Fire Power seems to be highly derivative of Iron Fist, but it’s Samnee and Wilson! Interesting too that they’re releasing a trade as a prequel to the series. I wonder how that will impact the sales of the ongoing, if at all.
  • I try not to hold it against Shalvey for working on Bog Bodies (with art by Fullerton and Nalty) instead of Injection, but I’m intrigued by the story.

Dark Horse

  • The preview art and tagline (“Twin Peaks meets Lady Bird“) for Dead Dog’s Bite by Boss and Bertram have got me intrigued.
  • Who is this post-DC Paul Levitz and why didn’t we get these interesting stories from him before? Check out Unfinished Business by him and Fraser and Caldwell.


  • Tom Tomorrow’s Life in the Stupidverse is sure to entertain. Sometimes humor is the only way to deal with stupidity.


  • Ennis and Braun bring us a new The Boys series (and sequel).


  • Oh boy! Faithless II is coming by Azzarello and Llovet. I was intrigued by some of the things in the first series, but irritated by others, so I’m on the fence about getting this.

Abstract Studios

  • Not only should you preorder issue 9, but go to the webstore and order all the other issues you didn’t preorder. Tell Terry I sent ya!


  • Dead Day has an interesting premise: What if the dead could come back for one night every year? What would they — and we — do? Parrott, Bornyakov, Velez, and Pritchett attempt to answer that.

DC Comics

  • You can’t pay me to get the Joker 80th anniversary special, but I’ll likely be getting the Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular.
  • What an interesting premise! Primer by Muro, Krajewski, and Lusky is going on the short list.
  • Damn. The Dreaming is coming to an end with issue 20.
  • I really want to read Six Days by Venditti, Maurer, and Mutti.
  • Finally, check out pages 89-92 for a bunch of Wonder Woman collections.


  • Oh man! Al Ewing and Dan Slott are cowriting Empyre (art by Valerio Schiti). I will have to get the trade.
  • I don’t go for those facsimile editions, but I might have to get the Marvel Fanfare #10 issue largely for the George Perez Black Widow cover.
  • Alan Davis is drawing the Hickman written Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler one shot!
  • After you read the Young Avengers Complete Collection by Gillen and McKelvie, try out their Image Comics series The Wicked + the Divine.

What are you ordering this month?

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