RandoMonday: Astonishing X-Men #9

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.


Astonishing X-Men #9 by Whedon, Cassaday, Martin, Eliopoulos, Ryan, Lowe, and Marts.

The Danger Room is ALIVE!!! And apparently trying to kill Kitty and some students while Wolverine, the newly (then) returned Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, and Emma Frost spend most of the issue trying to do … anything. Then they do exactly what the Danger Room wants — freeing it.

I want to highlight Cassaday and Martin’s art. Cassady is always a great draftsman, but I particularly enjoyed how he varied his page layout and panel structure — the former allowed for a bunch of full page shots of all these characters but the latter without making the pacing boring and one-note (plus, he just draws pretty). Martins colors really heighten the tension, going from normal lighting to a hellish landscape, and back to convey a false sense of danger averted!

2 thoughts on “RandoMonday: Astonishing X-Men #9

  1. Sean Toombs January 13, 2020 / 9:04 am

    This whole Joss Whedon run is one of my favorite X-Men runs. It’s one I’ve given to people who are not big comic readers but they know who the X-Men are. The ending of this run was an ending that really stuck with me. I recommend this issue and the entire run. Good choice with John Cassaday’s art. As a big Planetary fan, in my book, he can do no wrong.


    • Eric P. I. February 9, 2020 / 4:17 pm

      It’s the only X-Men run I have! I’m glad to hear that you are also a big Planetary fan. It’s definitely one of my top 20 favorite comic books.


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