International Podcast Day (2018)

Did you know today is International Podcast Day (#internationalpodcastday)? A day to celebrate this thing we call podcast. Check out @intlpodcastday for more info. But first, an introduction. Hi, I’m Eric, host of the Longbox Review Comic Book podcast.

I talk about comic books I’ve read, comic book news, and the like. I also do a couple “imprint” shows: The Gutters (stuff relating to or outside of comics) & The Legion Project with @peterjrios about the Baxter run of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

I love podcasts! They keep me entertained & informed. I listen to them while driving, working, cooking–pretty much all the time. I don’t listen to much radio or watch much TV anymore because I get what I want/need from podcasts.

I’m subscribed to 76 podcasts currently, but only about 25-30 release episodes regularly, which is to say daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some are professionally produced, while most are just fans of something like myself.

Of course, I listen to many comic book focused podcasts, but there are politics/news shows I’m subscribed to, as well as scripted shows, TV show discussions, interviews, & personal diaries. Pretty much, if you have an interest, there’s a podcast for you.

Hey, Eric, you may be saying, I like to talk, but I don’t know anything about “podcasting”. How do I do it? Great question! You can Google it, and there are some wonderful resources (such as Podcasting 101 by Ray Ortega), but if you have a microphone (I use an ATR 2100 or a Zoom H4N), Internet access, & some software (I use the free Audacity), you can be podcasting very quickly. But most important is the content. Listen to Peter’s advice about that here:

If you have any specific questions about the technical aspects of podcasting, I would love to share my experience & advice, but I am a novice with my own style & workflow & that may not fit you.

My fellow podcasters, what are your favorite podcasts or what is your advice to newer or aspiring podcasters?

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