RandoMonday: Avengers vs X-Men #8

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Avengers vs X-Men #8 by Brian Michael Bendis (script), Adam Kunert (pencils), John Dell (inks), Laura Martin with Larry Molinar (colors), Chris Eliopoulis (letters), Lauren Sankovitch (assoc. editor), Tom Brevoort (editor), and Jim Cheung and Justin Ponsor (cover)

Namor goes after the Avengers while they’re in Wakanda. The Avengers manage to take Namor down (just barely), and then the the rest of the “Phoenix 5” show up. Thankfully, the Phoenix force leaving Namor after his defeat stalls for enough time for the Avengers to high-tale it out of Wakanda. Meanwhile, Professor X contacts Scott Summers telepathically demanding Scott to stop what he’s doing or that Xavier will stop Scott.

This issue is mostly one big fight scene (OBFS™), with a few moments of futility thrown in for good measure. This is the first time since the Phoenix Force was fractured that we find that it can abandon a host and join with the remaining hosts, setting up a play for power further on. But really the only interesting thing to me is the continuity between this series and Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers run wherein Black Panther threatens to kill Namor because of his actions in AvX once the planetary invasion is dealt with.

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