RandoMonday: Superman and Batman: Generations 3 #1

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.



Superman & Batman: Generations 3 #1 by John Byrne (written, drawn, and lettered), Alex Sinclair (colored and separated), Ivan Cohen (assoc. editor), Mike Carlin (editor), Byrne and Sinclair (cover)

In 1925, Apokolyptian parademons have invaded the 20th century, attempting to destroy the Earth. Fortunately, a badly injured Saturn Girl arrives at the Kent house looking for Superboy. Superboy heads off to investigate and ends up fighting the invading force. Meanwhile, a young Bruce Wayne flies to Smallville to figure out what happened as well. The two briefly team up and stop the parademons’ plans. Saturn Girl musters enough strength to wipe the minds of everyone involved so their knowledge of these invaders from the future continues undiscovered.

Ahh, Generations. Somehow I missed all three volumes of this series when they were first released, and in them, John Byrne tells stories about Superman and Batman from their earliest adventures to what they are doing in the far future. I got the first two trades, but for some reason, this third volume didn’t get the trade treatment, so I had to hunt down the back issues. Fortunately, Emerald City Comicon venders delivered a few years ago, and now here we are. One of the more interesting things about the Generations series was that Byrne started Superman’s career an 1938 and Batman’s in 1939, and everyone aged in real time. And the title is indicative of the fact that these heroes have children who become superheroes. Generations 3 alters the format a bit as each issue skips ahead 100 years (thank goodness for Kryptonian physiology and the Lazarus pit to get the lead characters out of the 20th century).

If you think John Byrne playing around with DC characters and history sounds like a fun read, go ahead and pick up his Generations series. I wasn’t disappointed.

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