RandoMonday: Batman and Robin #23

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.



Batman and Robin (2009) #23 by Judd Winick (writer), Guillem March and Andrei Bressan (artists), Alex Sinclair (colors), Patrick Brosseau (letters), Katie Kubert (asst. editor), Harvey Richards (assoc. editor), Mike marts (editor), and Guillem March (cover)

I have to say, not my favorite issue of this series. I remember rolling my eyes when I first opened the page and saw that is was a Jason Todd focused issue, and now, two years later, I did the same thing when I opened the book! The plot of this first part of a three-part story is simple: Jason Todd gets sent from Arkham to a “regular” prison (or for what passes as one in Gotham), where many people try to kill him but end up dead themselves. Once the pattern emerges, the warden sends Todd back to Arkham, but along the way, an animal gang (animals in humanesque form) breaks Todd out of police custody.

If I remember correctly, this is the start of Todd getting his own sidekick and being shown as a bit more crazy cakes than he’s portrayed these days. There is a bit of drama at the start of this issue mostly in the form of Bruce (newly back from the “dead” via Final Crisis) assessing Todd and their relationship, but that’s the extent of anything meaningful beyond the plot. As for the art, I prefer the March pages more than Bressan’s, despite the beefcake shots. And I always enjoy seeing the classic Robin costume (as seen in a flashback sequence) in action.

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