RandoMonday: American Vampire: Second Cycle #4

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

American Vampire 2nd 4


American Vampire: Second Cycle #4 by Scott Snyder (writer), Rafael Albuquerque (artist), Dave McCaig (colors), Steve Wands (letters), Sara Miller (asst. editor), Mark Doyle (editor), and Albuquerque (cover)

This issue, Pearl is fighting to save some vampire children amidst a tornado, along with a bunch of monsters with mouths for faces. There’s also a Big Bad whom we only see in shadow, wearing a top hat and possessing a very large mouth full of sharp teeth. Thanks to the timely arrival of some allies, Pearl is able to save the kids and escape.

I actually passed on American Vampire when it first launched, and I was given a guarantee by the comic shop guy that I would like it or get my money back. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it just wasn’t that interesting of a first issue for me. But I heard from others over the next few years how good it was, so I wondered what I was missing. So, when Second Cycle came along, I decided to try it. Man, do I see what people were talking about. I was immediately drawn in by the characters and their history. Now I think I will have to go get the trades and catch up.

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