Previews! (July 2015)

Here are some recommendations from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in September.

Dark Horse

  • I first saw Paybacks previewed at ECCC 2015, and it looked fun enough to try, so now I can. I do wonder if the parody has legs for an ongoing.
  • Also seen at ECCC 2015 was Aaron Lopresti’s Power³ (or Power Cubed). I like Lopresti’s art well enough, but he’s doing everything on this mini-series. The only issue I have based solely on the description is how much tension can there be when the main character has a device that conjure anything he wants? Maybe he’s limited by his own imagination, like I would be?

DC Comics

  • Every time I read “Donna Troy” in a Wonder Woman solicitation, I want to resubscribe, but word on my street is this new direction ain’t so wonderful (but I’m guessing I may get the trade).
  • Artist Jock is back with Scott Snyder in Batman #44 to tell the origin of new villain, Mr. Bloom.
  • Batman Annual #4 reveals that Bruce Wayne is alive. Given how Endgame ended, I’m very curious what that experience has done to Bruce and his future as Batman.
  • This month features Green Lantern variant covers, and Detective Comics #44 showcases Batman of course and Golden Age Alan Scott Green Lantern. I really want to get this issue just for that variant.
  • Grayson #12 has Dick returning to Gotham, and the second annual teams Dick up with Superman.
  • That Lee Berjemo We Are…Robin #4 cover is pretty cool.
  • Convergence arrives again, but this time in collected form: the main series gets a HC edition, while the two-issue mini-series are collected in various trades divided by “event” (Crisis, Zero Hour, etc.).
  • Teen Titans: Earth One arrives in trade as well (you can skip it…).
  • Catwoman gets a 75-year HC collection, and Batman gets a Golden Age Omnibus edition.
  • If you loved Scott Snyder’s and Jim Lee’s Superman Unchained and wanted a trade, here you go.
  • Over in Vertigo, Sandman: Overture finally completes AND you can order the deluxe edition as well.


  • Star Wars gets the Artifact treatment spotlighting the first ten issues of Marvel’s seminal run.
  • Atomic Robo is now calling IDW home, and to celebrate, you can order a new mini-series (Atomic Robo and The Ring of Fire) and The Everything Explodes Collection trade ($40). I am very tempted to get that trade.
  • The Infinite Loop ends with #6, so if you were trade waiting, wait a bit longer and then go buy it!
  • I was intrigued by the Amelia Cole and the Impossible Fate trade, then realized it was not the first one. I may start reading this series from Monkeybrain Comics.


  • Plutona sounds good: kids find the dead body of the world’s greatest superhero, and Emi Lenox is doing the art.
  • I’m also interested in Faster Than Light because of one line from the copy: “With all the idealism of the original Star Trek and the grit and immediacy of Gravity, the story of humanity’s first thrilling and terrifying adventures to the stars takes flight!”. I don’t give a hoot about the Augmented Reality connection–put the cool stuff in the comic, not an app.
  • I’m totally getting the new version of the Science Is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll t-shirt.


  • The almost forgotten Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale collaboration Captain America: White is finally back with the first two issue (of 5). Issue one is extra-sized with a reprint of #0.
  • The Mark Waid/Chris Samnee run on Daredevil comes to a close with #18. sigh
  • The Neil Gaiman run on Miracleman begins to be reprinted.
  • To capitalize on the immense popularity of Agents of SHIELD (I guess?), a bunch of the characters get one shots. It’s striking how much Agent May on the cover of her one-shot does not look like the actress at all. Maybe that’s intentional?
  • Hey, fans of Damage Control, not you can get that complete collection trade! I’ve never read the series, but always wanted to.

Other publishers

  • Boom is issuing a new Wild’s End mini-series (The Enemy Within) by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard. Plus, you can get the trade of the first mini.
  • The Third Witch tugs at my literary heart: it’s about the witches from Shakespeare’s MacBeth.
  • Finally from Boom, the 128-page Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz. That realistic drawing of Charlie Brown on the cover kind of freaks me out.
  • Chartwell Books is collecting the War Years for Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, each in their own book.
  • Dynamite is throwing Vampirella against Aliens for six issues. I’m so surprised to see an Alien anything these days.
  • Sadness. Uncanny, Season Two is ending with issue 6. Hopefully I’ll–I mean we’ll–get a season 3!
  • Are you a fan of E-Man? Me neither, but in case someone is, now that someone can order the 10-issue Charleton Comics run in one $28 trade.
  • Want a lesson on how not to write solicitation copy? Read the blurb for Moon Streak #1 (hint: don’t include a hashtag as part of your sentence. Or at all.).
  • Colleen Doran is drawing Stan Lee’s Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible, and Marvelous memoir. I don’t know, this might too much Stan the Man for me.
  • I think I’m going to have to get the Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder book celebrating 75 years of the Dickster.

What are you ordering this month?

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