New Comics Wednesday 6/10/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER #1: Will DC be able to recapture the spirit of the Vertigo title? That’s what they’re after, right?
  • DANGER CLUB TP VOL 02 REBIRTH: Once I have this, I will start prepping for my Danger Club spotlight podcast.
  • EARTH 2: SOCIETY #1: Given what happened World’s End and Convergence, I’m curious what this new Earth 2 is going to be like.
  • MIDNIGHT SOCIETY: THE BLACK LAKE #1: This sounds like a fun read.
  • NAMELESS #4: See below.
  • SAGA #29

Pick of the week: Wow! There’s not much I’m getting this week (thanks a lot Obama…), but I am most looking forward to reading Grant Morrison’s, Chris Burnham’s, and Nathan Fairbairn’s Nameless #4. This is a crazy ride of a comic book. I once asked Burnham on Twitter how he sleeps at night reading Morrison’s scripts and drawing this stuff, and he told me that he has a pillow made out of rainbows. How awesome is this guy?

Best cover: Nameless #4 Chris Burnham. There’s nothing else like out of this week’s books. And creepy!


Nameless 4

Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?

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