RandoMonday: Astro City #11

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Astro City 11


Astro City (2013) #11 by Kurt Busiek (writer), Brent Eric Anderson (artist), Alex Sinclaire & Wendy Broome (colors), John G. Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt (letters), Jessica Chen (asst. editor), Kristy Quinn (editor),  and Alex Ross (cover)

This issue spotlights “The Sorcerer’s Assistant”, aka Raitha, a woman who assists the Silver Adept. While the hero saves the world, Raitha manages her boss’s schedule, answer’s emails and other messages, and, in this issue, saves the world herself. In fact, in a way, Raitha helps to save the world twice over.

This is a perfect example of Busiek’s and Anderson’s strength of creating wonderful stories about ordinary people living in extraordinary circumstances, which has long been a hallmark of this title over the years. Anderson does a good job at depicting non-superhero characters, i.e., normal people of all shapes and races, though I think the art would be better if someone else inked Anderson’s work. The Alex Ross cover is wonderful (as always), but I find it interesting that the central character is Silver Adept but the story is about Raitha, but superheroes sell, right? :)

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