Favorite tv shows: Quantum Leap (1989-1992)

What a fabulous opportunity for Scott Backula. Not only did he get to a play a time-hopping scientist, he also got to play a different character in nearly every episode. While I didn’t watch all the episodes during the show’s run, I enjoyed watching Backula transform himself into various people. I also enjoyed the historical aspects of the show, even when Sam Beckett would leap into Elvis or Lee Harvey Oswald. And even Sam’s trademark “Oh boy!” grew on me. Many years after the show ended, I watched several episodes towards the end of the series when it was on SciFi, so I got to see the final episode and Sam’s encounter with “God”. Finally, there was a planned crossover with Magnum, P.I. that unfortunately never went anywhere. I think it would have been a hoot to see Backula play Magnum and to see the Magnum gang one more time.

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