New Comics Wednesday 6/3/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #41: The start of the Darkseid War!!!
  • MILLENNIUM #5: The final issue. I want to know what happens to Frank and Jordan! And will there be a sequel (I hope so!)?
  • OMEGA MEN #1: I’m very curious if Tom King can make me like the Omega Men.
  • SPIDER-WOMAN #8: My final issue.
  • STAR WARS #6: Also another final issue.
  • SUNDOWNERS TP VOL 01: I’ve heard that this is good, so I wanted to read it for myself.
  • THANOS INFINITY RELATIVITY OGN HC: It’s Starlin doing Thanos. Why wouldn’t I want to read it?
  • UNCANNY SEASON 2 #3: This was almost Best Cover, which would have made two in a row.
  • WICKED & DIVINE #11: I contemplated this issue for Best Cover, but only because of the shock value.

Pick of the week: Justice League #41 by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok. I know a lot of people have not liked Justice League since it relaunched in 2011, but aside from a lackluster story arc, I’ve been enjoying this series for the most part. The first arc started off phenomenally strong, and now it comes full circle with the Darkseid War! And Jason Fabok’s art is just so … Justice League-y (it’s very good superhero art).

Best cover: House of Hem tpb by Fred Hembeck. Now doesn’t that cover take you back to your halcyon days of mispent youth? Well, it does for me. Now if I could also get a collection of Hembeck’s DC work.


House of Hem

Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?

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