RandoMonday: House of Secrets #5

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.


House Secrets 5

House of Secrets (1996) #5 by Steven T. Seagle (writer), Teddy H. Kristiansen, (penciller/inker), Heroic Age/Bjarne Hansen (colors), Todd Klein (letters), Shelly Roeberg (editor), and Teddy H. Kristiansen (cover)

This issue is the epilogue of the first story arc of the title, “Foundation”. Back story: Rain Harper, in short, becomes the witness of spiritual judges, the Juris, who haunt a Seattle, WA, house. People are drawn into the house where Rain witnesses the Juris try and convict the perpetrators. The previous issue ends with someone that Rain knows being convicted (and rightfully so). Issue #5 is told entirely from Rain’s point of view, with some pertinent flashbacks to her past thrown in. I haven’t read this series since 1997, and it still holds up as a good story, and it helps to really show Rain as the damaged, angry woman she is, but one who is determined to drive her destiny as much as she is able, given her circumstances. Both Seagle and Kristiansen do incredibly well conveying the bleakness, sadness, and anger that permeates this story. It’s a pity that this series didn’t go beyond 25 issues, but the first arc was traded (though likely out of print) and you can get an omnibus (released in 2013) that also contains a two-issue coda to the series that I need to find in back issues.

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