Previews! (May 2015)

Here are some thoughts and recommendations about this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in July.

Dark Horse

  • Remember Barb Wire? I barely do too. Anyway, she’s back! The Adam Hughes covers will likely be worthwhile.
  • The Tomorrows miniseries by Curt Pires and Jason Copeland sounds like Transmet if Spider Jerusalem was a team of angsty youngsters (I’m totally reading into this).
  • The New Deal HC by Jonathan Case looks and sounds like a good read.
  • Finally! The Lady Killer tpb is offered! Now I can preorder this and not feel like I’m missing out on what all the cool kids are saying is a fun period romp.


  • The final member of the New 52 version of the Justice League (and former New Teen Titan in another, better DCU ;) gets his own solo series. Cyborg is by David Walker, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado. Because it’s Cyborg and that it’s being drawn by Ivan Reis, I’ll give it a shot.
  • Interesting that DC is coming out with two one-shots starring versions of Batman and Superman from the upcoming Justice League: Gods and Monsters animated movie, but Wonder Woman’s absence is conspicuous (but at least DC Collectibles is releasing an action figure).
  • What looks to be the pre-Crisis Supergirl is in Justice League 3001 #2. Now I kind of want to read this series.
  • The Batgirl Annual guest stars Helena Bertinelli and a certain former Robin. While I’m not buying the series, I’ll be getting this.
  • Speaking of Dick Grayson, his self-titled series features his interaction with the man who killed him in Forever Evil, Lex Luthor (who looks more like a Silver Age Brainiac without the electrodes).
  • Never one to not milk a fan favorite creator, DC/Vertigo is releasing the two-issue The Children’s Crusade bookends by writer Neil Gaiman, along with a new “middle” chapter by Toby Litt and Peter Gross.


  • IDW continues its string of franchise crossovers with Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War six-issue miniseries. I have to admit, seeing two of my favorite space series crossover does appeal to me, but I’ll probably wait for the trade on this one.
  • I talked about this new miniseries in my Emerald City Comicon podcast episode, but now you can preorder Onyx, an all-new character/concept from the company.
  • Here’s a high-concept series for you: Godzilla in Hell. That about says it all, doesn’t it?
  • If you’re a fan of adaptations, you can indulge yourself with The Shrinking Man, an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s story.
  • John Byrne entices me with a Star Trek: New Visions story featuring Gary Seven!
  • If you were waiting for the trade to read October Faction, you can now order it. But be warned, the story is s l o w going.


  • There are a few creators whose new work I will simply buy. Brian K. Vaughan is one of those creators. I will be buying his new series, We Stand on Guard (with art by Steve Skroce). What will our former friends the Canadians do when we invade their country?! I’m dying to find out.
  • I really want to support a comics magazine, but Island is asking a bit much with an $8 price tag. I need to think about this one.
  • There’s another Criminal trade (The Last of the Innocent) for you to preorder.
  • Also: Bitch Planet vol 1 tpb, Supreme: Blue Rose tpb.
  • The Dodson drawn series Red One gets a hard cover, but of the first two issues (and some bonus material)?! It’s only $15, but two issues? Wth, Image?


  • The OHOTMU fan in me wants to get the Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse, but is this a one shot or the start of multiple issues? This is 64 pages, so I’m guessing the former.
  • Simone Bianchi replaces John Cassaday on Star Wars with issue 7, and Stuart Immonen is doing the art on issue #8.
  • I really want to get the Avengers: Ultron Forever tpb because Al Ewing wrote it and Alan Davis drew it. It also includes some reprints featuring Ultron so that Marvel can justify the $17 price tag.
  • Speaking of buying things because of an artist, I may get the Angela: Asgard’s Assassin tpb because of Phil Jimenez’s pencils.
  • I’ve heard some good things about the Operation S.I.N. series, featuring Peggy Carter, so I may get the trade.
  • Watch out! Marvel is finally reprinting the Christopher Priest Black Panther series that I’ve heard is so good (I have #1-12 of the singles). This is the vol. 1 of the Complete Collection containing issues 1-17.
  • Sweet Christmas! Power Man and Iron Fist get an Epic Collection (22 issues) that shows the beginning of their partnership.

Other publishers

  • Ok, Archie has officially jumped the shark (probably literally) with Archie vs. Sharknado.
  • Archaia/Boom’s new OGN Long Walk to Valhalla (by Adam Smith and Matthew Fox) evokes the fan favorite I Kill Giants OGN, but still sounds interesting enough on its own.
  • Are you a fan of Mouse Guard? Then you just might want the The Art of Mouse Guard 2005-2015 HC.
  • Dynamite is giving us a new The Spirit series by Matt Wagner and Dan Schkade to commemorate the Will Eisner character’s 75th anniversary.
  • Grant Morrison is back on a new series 18 Days with artist Jeevan Kang from Graphic India. I’m not sure what it’s about, but I have to try it out.
  • Graphic India also has a new Stan Lee creation, Chakra the Invincible. Have you heard of Graphic India before? Me neither.
  • Twomorrows is printing the next volume in its American Comic Book Chronicles series covering 1965-1969. I have the 1980s book and it is wonderful.
  • Oh, I will be preordering this new printing of Will Eisner’s A Contract With God tpb. WW Norton has a bunch more Will Eisner books and related materials.

What are you ordering this month?

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