Previews! (April 2015) – Part 1

Here are some thoughts and recommendations about this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in June. Let’s look at DC and Marvel first. Part 2 will cover all the independent publishers.


It’s post-Convergence at DC, so there are some new titles and some soft relaunches as well.

  • Bryan Hitch returns to the Justice League by drawing AND writing Justice League of America. The solicitation includes a picture of the current core members, but is this book about them, in other words, is this a second book about the same characters? If so, will this work beyond the draw that is Mr. Hitch?
  • Fans of Bat-Mite will be pleased with this six-issue mini-series. I was never into the imp.
  • So when I first read the solicitation for Batman Beyond, I wondered who the new Batman could be, but after reading New 52 Futures End, I now know who the new Batman is (at least, I think I do).
  • I definitely know that Adam Murdough of Comic Geek Speak is excited about the six issue Bizarro mini-series. Again, I was never much into this character beyond his appearances with Superman.
  • Continuing out of Batgirl, Black Canary hits the road as the front woman of a rock-n-roll band. It seems like a weird twist considering what we’ve been shown of BC so far in the New 52, but then again, Dan DiDio did say that continuity doesn’t matter anymore, only good stories (I’m paraphrasing)–will this fit the bill?
  • I know I should probably stay away, but I’m going to try the relaunched Constantine (now with the subtitle The Hellblazer). I’m really curious if my good friend Oddfellows Thoughts is going to try this out.
  • Also going on my pull list is the new Dr. Fate series written by Paul Levitz. I’m very curious of this will be the Earth-1 Dr. Fate, or is the Earth-2 Dr. Fate getting a new host?
  • Speaking of Earth-2, that universe’s characters continue on in Earth-2: Society (which means we know they get out of Convergence all right, perhaps). Curiously, there appears to be a new Batman, and with the mask the way that it is shown, I have to wonder if this the E-2 Ted Grant. I hope not.
  • One of my favorite DC characters is getting a series again: Martian Manhunter. I’m getting this on that appreciation alone. That and I’ve been curious about J’Onn’s past and position in the DCU since the relaunch.
  • Omega Men features characters that I never really cared for in the old DCU, but Tom King’s writing it, so I wanted to give it a shot.
  • I find it curious that Bat-Mite and Bizarro only get six issues, but the new Prez gets 12? That should mean that DC is very much behind this story, but I can’t be bothered.
  • Here’s another example of artist taking over as writer: Robin: Son of Batman, featuring Patrick Gleason. Mick Gray is staying on as inker, which is a very good thing.
  • Speaking of Robin, here’s an odd one that I’ll be getting mostly to understand what it’s about: We Are…Robin by Lee Bermejo (writing) and Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph (art). Robin seems to have a certain cachet at DC right now, but I won’t complain.
  • Other new titles: Doomed (yawn), Green Lantern: The Lost Army (almost went on my pull list), Harley Quinn and Power Girl (six-issue mini), Justice League 3001 (nope), Midnighter (don’t even like him in Grayson, but I liked him in Authority *shrug*), Red Hood/Arsenal (NOOO!), Section 8 (I was never into Hitman), and Starfire (continuing the makeover trend a la Batgirl and Black Canary).
  • The start of the Darkseid war begins in Justice League #41, and I am super-excited about it!
  • The Superman titles are starting a cross-title storyline called “Truth”. Somewhat interestingly, Superman has yet another new “costume”: jeans and a t-shirt (no cape!), though I do like the S design which is similar to the Fleischer serials.
  • There’s a new Batman in town (though you probably already know who it is–I kind of guessed it based on the ending of Batman Eternal), wearing armor that looks like a cross between Batman, and the Tick and Arthur.
  • In Grayson, Helena takes over Spyral and Dick gets a new partner (please let it be Agent 1, pleasepleaseplease!).
  • This seems very odd to me. After all these years, DC is finally trading America vs. the Justice Society of America mini. I enjoyed the series back when it came out in 1985, but why publish a collection now? Are the Earth-2 books garnering enough attention to warrant this trade? Regardless, if you’re a fan of old school JSA, you might want to pick this up.
  • There’s more late ’80s love with the Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus, volume 1. Considering I only got the first 14 issues, maybe I should get this.
  • Missed the four CMYK issues from Vertigo? Well, you can get the trade now–there are a few good stories in the bunch.
  • I thought this was really cool: the final issue of Fables, #150, is also the final trade!
  • Finally, who wouldn’t want their own helmet of Fate (from the Constantine tv show)?! C’mon!


  • Secret Wars continues with issues 3 & 4, and everything revolves around the end of the Marvel universe as we know it.
  • I know I indicated in the last Previews post that I was avoiding anything having to do with the tie-ins, but dammit, Marvel pulled me in with this one: Thors by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse.
  • Fans of married Peter Parker will like the Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. I almost got this one, too.
  • I did decide to get Squadron Sinister. It’s the old foes of the Avengers against the Squadron Supreme of the MAX line.
  • Because of my love of the final issue of the original Korvac saga (Avengers #177), I almost bought Korvac Saga.
  • John Cassaday’s involvement with Star Wars ends with #6, and go as well, I will.
  • Of course, Groot gets its own series.
  • If you are a fan of Fred Hembeck’s work with the Marvel universe, you may want to pick up the House of Hem trade.
  • Umm, Ant Man gets a new series? Is there a movie coming out or something?
  • If you were waiting for the latest volume of Powers to be collected (like I used to), there’s a hard cover for you.
  • Same goes for the latest Thor volume. (Mentioned because I love this series!)
  • Sooo, the second Hawkeye hard cover is being solicited–when will #22 be out?!

So, what DC and Marvel books are you ordering from Previews this month?

Here’s an abridged version of this list via my YouTube channel:

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