RandoMonday: Lady Mechanika Collected Ed. #0-1

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Lady Mechanika Collected Edition #0-1 by Joe Benitez (story and art), Peter Steigerwald (colors), Josh Reed (letters), Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro (editors), Benitez & Steigerwald (cover)

I remember when I saw this in Previews back in 2011. I hadn’t seen the single issues (#0 or 1) before this collected edition, but there was something about the art style and steampunkish look that got me interested, so I ordered it. Then, #2 came up for order, but I didn’t get because I hadn’t read this yet. Once I did, I wanted #2 and beyond. Thus would begin a long journey of finishing issues and waiting for new ones. In fact, it would be almost four years before the first story arc would conclude. I’m not sure why I stuck with it because I normally don’t for titles that take years to come out, but there was something about the book.

I really liked #0. It introduces us to Lady Mechanika and a bit of the world in which she inhabits. #1 starts the “Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse” where the Lady investigates the death of another creature like her, part human, part machine (the term cyborg is never used). Now that I have the final issue of this story (#5), I should reread the whole thing to see how it holds up in one go as opposed to the several year interruption.

If this comes out in trade (I can’t imagine why not), I suggest you try it, especially if you’re into steampunk.

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