New Comics Wednesday 3/18/15

Here are the comics that I’m getting from this week:

  • ALEX + ADA #13
  • BATGIRL #40: My final issue. I really like this cover.
  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #20: My final issue.
  • IVAR, TIMEWALKER #3: I like the cover to this issue.
  • NEW 52 FUTURES END #46

Pick of the week: Batgirl #40. Despite the fact that I will not be continuing with this series post-Convergence, I am very curious to see how this doppelganger story ends up (assuming it does). Who is the “real” Barbara Gordon? Is anyone else thinking of Tyler Durden and Fight Club with this storyline?

Best cover: Millennium #2 by Menton John Matthews III (Menton3–check out his DeviantArt gallery). I like how Menton3 has captured the omnipresent darkness with which Frank Black struggles, personified by the creature behind Frank and beyond his visual perception (fans of the show know what I’m referring to). The ouroboroses are a nice callback to the series and where the Millennium Group ended up, especially in relation to Frank. Nicely done.

Here’s a list of new comics for this week. What are you buying?

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