Previews! (Feb. 2015) – Part 2

Here are some thoughts and recommendations about this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in April. Part 1 covered DC and Marvel. This part will cover highlights from the rest of the companies.

Dark Horse

  • If you’ve ever wanted Brian Wood to write an historical comic book about the War of Independence, then you may want to pick up Rebels.
  • I never thought I’d see this, but Archie is going up against a Predator in the on-the-nose-titled Archie vs. Predator mini.
  • There’s a new Resident Alien mini: The Sam Hain Mystery. I haven’t read any RA since the first mini, but I enjoyed it.
  • For some reason, I’ve been keeping my eye on the Father’s Day series, and now the trade is solicited this month.
  • Also catching my eye is The Hero, Book 1 HC by David Rubín. Probably because Paul Pope had some very positive things to say about Mr. Rubín’s work.
  • I haven’t read the first volume yet, but Art and Franco’s second Aw Yeah Comics! trade is ready to order.


  • My Little Pony is having a 5-week event called Fiendship Is Magic, where the “bad guys” of the franchise get one shots.
  • IDW continues to be a licensing juggernaut with the addition of the Littlest Pet Shop one shot.
  • While you can read this over at Thrillbent digitally, you will be able to read the first issue of the new volume of Empire by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson (plus order the original trade).
  • Elsa Charretier’s artwork for the limited series The Infinite Loop compels me to buy this series.
  • Not to be outdone by Marvel’s Kirby HC, IDW gives us a Kamandi Artists’ Edition.


  • The first volume of Jupiter’s Legacy just ended, but Jupiter’s Circle explores other avenues of this world by exploring events of the past. I’l be getting this.
  • Clayton Crain’s art in Savior makes me want to read the book, but I’m not too sure about Todd McFarlane’s involvement.
  • Chip Zdarsky goes from art on Sex Criminals to writing Kaptara.
  • Kurtis Weibe goes from fantasy in Rat Queens to sci-fi in Pisces.
  • The last chapter of the Luther Strode saga begins with Legacy of Luther Strode. I’ve never read these stories, but it keeps chugging along, so maybe I should check it out?
  • I will always say this: buy Criminal. Volume 4, Bad Night, is solicited this month. Just buy it.
  • You can now get a The Wicked + The Divine “Lucifer died for our sins” t-shirt.


  • Archie’s Dark Circle imprint gives us an updated The Shield series. The cover art featuring a female Shield looks good.
  • Benitez is back! A new set of Lady Mechanika stories begins with The Tablet of Destinies.
  • I chose Translucid as my runner-up for best limited series of 2014, and now you can read the story in the trade collection.
  • If you’re a fan of George Pérez’s art, then you may want to get Sirens: Pen & Ink #1 from Boom. It’s the pencils next to the inked and colored pages so that you see the progression. Note that this is 11″ x 17″ and is $15.
  • Also from Boom is the first Lumberjanes trade. Is this series any good?
  • I’m intrigued by Operation Nemesis from Devil’s Due because of the historical aspect.
  • YES! Uncanny season 2 from Dynamite is coming! Again I type YES!
  • Considering how much I apparently like spy comics now (Velvet was my choice for best ongoing series of 2014), I should get Scarlett Couture by Des Taylor from Titan Comics, right?

So, what indie books are you ordering from Previews this month?

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