RandoMonday: Superboy #197

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Superboy 197

Superboy (1949) #197 by Cary Bates (story), Dave Cockrum (art), Murray Boltinoff (editor, and Nick Cardy (cover)

What an interesting issue. It’s been in my collection for almost two years, but I hadn’t read it until now. It’s the first issue of Superboy where the “Starring the Legion of Super-Heroes” appears on the cover. Did you know that Timber Wolf had been declared dead months earlier and that in this issue he returns? I didn’t. But that’s why I’ve purchased all of the Showcase Presents volumes, so that I can read up on all the Legion lore that I simply do not know. In the case of Superboy #197, this is what I found out. Clark Kent assaults Lana Lang for being too forward in her advances by dropping a couple apples on her head (via his heat vision) and knocks her (conveniently) out. Why did the super-teen commit this act of betrayal? Well, primarily to run off his with his friends for some 30th century fun. Namely, to be surprised that Timber Wolf is alive and well!

Only, T-Wolf isn’t quite that well. It turns out that he’s been brainwashed to kill the UFP’s President. The Legionnaires stop him, of course (but did you know that Mon-El considers Timber Wolf’s strength to rival his and Superboy’s own? I didn’t!). However, that’s not even the ultimate plan of the man behind all of this deception. All along, this guy just wanted to blow up the Legion HQ to remove the super-team as an obstacle to him taking over the galaxy! Muhahahaha! Who is this mastermind, you wonder? Why, none other than Tyr, that guy with the mohawk and energy blaster for a right hand. Who knew, right? Also, who knew that the blaster was sentient?!

And can I just say that Dave Cockrum’s art is just wonderful?

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