RandoMonday: Falcon #4

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Falcon (1983) #4 by Jim Owsley (writer), Mike Bright (pencils), Mike Gustovich (inks), Clem Robins (letters), Steve Mellor (colors), Larry Hama (editor), and Bright & Joe Rubenstein (cover)

The early 1980s were so good for miniseries spotlighting some of the not A-list characters in the Marvel and DC universes, and this is one example. The Falcon gets the special treatment with this 1983 series where you found out that Sam Wilson is a mutant (though this was later changed), which, when I read this in issue #2, made perfect sense given Falcon’s rapport with Redwing. Anyway, this final issue has Falcon fight and defeat Electro, and convince Xeon, leader of the Legion, the “leading gang” in New York, to dialogue with kidnapped President Reagan. Despite the fact that the Legion committed a pretty major crime, all seems ok because Reagan listened to what Xeon had to say and told arriving police officers that he was in a conference.

The best thing about this issue, however, is Captain America’s involvement. He teams up with Sgt. Tork, who seems to have no idea who Cap is and continually makes comments that causes Cap to get these bemused looks on his face, almost is if he enjoys showing Tork what he is capable of.

One thing I noticed in my reread of this issue is that artists Bright/Gustovich did a good job at drawing expressive faces, especially with the eyes.

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