RandoMonday: Rachel Rising #28

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Rachel Rising #28 by Terry Moore

This issue serves as a transition from the last arc, where Rachel helped save the town of Manson from Lilith, to focusing on the continuing threat of the demon Malus and Rachel’s desire to track down her own killer. Along the way, we discover that perennial porch-sitter Louis has a macabre sense of humor (and may just be a murderer himself, maybe), that Malus still lives, possessing a woman, and that Aunt Johnny asks Rachel to touch a corpse to discover how he died, giving us a beautifully rendered scene with no dialog for over two pages, but the art says everything. It’s touching and sad and creepy. Terry Moore is so good. He is one of my top five favorite comic book artists storytellers. Oh, and there’s a healthy does of humor thrown in (as it is in most issues so as not to be a totally dark comic), such as when Zoe refers to Rachel acting like Batman as she stands on a roof top staring out over Manson one night. This is good stuff, people.

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