Previews! (Nov. 2014)

Here are some thoughts about this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in January.

Dark Horse

  • David Mack is not an artist whose work I follow, but I do enjoy his covers. Others must like his work as well, because Dark Horse is publishing a trade of the Marvel series Reflections, including “never-before-seen art, new paintings, and more!”
  • As I mentioned in podcast episode 75, I love period pieces about the 1960s. Considering that is the setting of Lady Killer, the new miniseries from Jöelle Jones, Jamie S. Rich, and Laura Allred, I may have to indulge myself. Of course, the basic premise of the book–a seemingly average 1960s woman is also a killer for hire–intrigues me as well.
  • Points to the copy writer of The Shaolin Cowboy hard cover. He or she managed to include references to Saga and The Walking Dead in the first sentence, tongue (or is that keyboard?) planted firmly in cheek.
  • A series I thought about getting in singles is now collected in trade form. Pop just looked (based on the covers) and sounded (based on the solicitations) interesting, but I still don’t know what it’s about! Twitter friends tell me it’s good and that I should try it out. What say you?


  • How did DC know that I love guidebooks about parallel fictional universes? It must have, because we get more Multiversity goodness with The Multiversity Guidebook, which features information about the 52 universes in DC’s pantheon, a map of all existence, and more. Of course I’ll get it, but charging me $.10 a page for it? Hrmm.
  • Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr conclude their first story on Superman (which hasn’t exactly fired me up about the Big Blue Boyscout), but my curiosity is piqued because Superman is getting a new costume? Considering that Johns reversed the change to the New 52 version of Captain Cold’s powers by bringing back the ice gun, I have to wonder if he is bringing back the underwear. It’s probably something else, I’m sure.
  • Man, including Ragman on the cover to Batwoman #38 is just not fair! I definitely need to pick up the trade of this storyline.
  • If you missed out on the Gail Simone Secret Six from several years ago, here’s your chance to start at the beginning with a new edition of the first trade collecting the Villains United tie-in.
  • Tim Seeley’s and Marley Zarcone’s new Vertigo series, Effigy, sounds like fun.
  • Those Superman/Batman bookends are begging to be placed on my bookshelf. Just sayin’.


  • Hold on … I need to catch my breath …. IDW is publishing a Millennium miniseries (co-starring Agent Mulder, which I certainly didn’t need–I’d buy it anyway)!!! I loved that tv show, and cannot wait to see what happens with this new story.
  • Star Trek #41 delivers on the direction from the last Star Trek movie, namely, the Enterprise begins its five-year mission. I am still loving this media tie-in.
  • From the original series to a spoof of it, I wonder if Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues miniseries will be able to capture the pure fun that the movie generated.
  • My granddaughter is pleased that the Powerpuff Girls are back, albeit in a miniseries format, with Super Smash-Up.


  • Not too long ago people (you know who you are) were talking about Charles Soule being one of the hardest working people in comics, but I don’t know. Jonathan Hickman is right up there with him. Not only does he write a few books for Marvel, he has two creator-owned series at Image. Now, he’s got another: The Dying and the Dead. Of course, I’ll have to try it out.
  • Hey, Spawn is reaching #250. I’ve read a handful of issues.
  • Even better: Image is now the new home of Brubaker’s and Phillips’ Criminal series, and to commemorate this, Image is releasing the first trade, Coward, along with a one-shot. Do yourself a favor and start picking up these outstanding trades.
  • Since I just talked about this on the last episode of the podcast, I must make note of the Big Hard Sex Criminals hardcover, collecting the first ten issues of this great series.


  • A surprise to no one, Marvel is back to publishing Star Wars comics. What is surprising is my interest because of the creative team: Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. Hmm….
  • With the imminent release of the Ant-Man movie, Marvel is trying to capitalize on that by starting an Ant-Man comic. Will this scheme work? :)
  • Did you really ask for a Squirrel Girl series? Well, even if you didn’t, you’re getting it.
  • Speaking of Charles Soule, he’s writing a new ongoing weekly series titled Wolverines.
  • The Original S.I.N. miniseries has me interested as it promises to examine an untold story of the Marvel universe featuring Peggy Carter and Howard Stark.
  • One of the few Mark Millar written series that I actually enjoyed from start to finish–The Secret Service–is getting traded, but with a bit of a name change (by adding Kingsman at the front) so as to tie in with the upcoming film. The movie does look like fun.
  • Hawkeye isn’t quite over, but if you were waiting for the omnibus hardcover, well, now here it is for $100.


  • Neal Adams is back, but as writer only, on Class Action from Ardden Entertainment. I have to admit, the premise intrigues me.
  • Jorge Corona’s debut, Feathers, from Boom Studios sure looks like fun.
  • Also from Boom, Munchkin, based on a game that I’ve never played.
  • Comixtribe’s Find one-shot had me at “how comic books really are universal.”
  • Dynamite Entertainment is going all out with a bunch of new miniseries featuring King Features Syndicate characters: Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, Jungle Jim, and the Phantom.
  • Finally, I may be missing Archer and Armstrong from Valiant, but at least the same creative team is back with Ivar, Timewalker.

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